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Dongli will launch the world's first non-woven suede fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-05-01
Dongli (TorayIndus. , Inc. ) 'Releasuede BX' will be launched in January 2019, a non-woven fabric with suede texture, which contains about 30% of plant-based raw materials. The material is made up of the world's highest proportion of plant-based raw materials-Made of polyester and polyurethane. 'Fleasuede BX' is also the world's first non-woven suede fabric made of plant-based polyurethane. Dongli intends to sell 'releasuede BX' as an environmentally friendly material to provide high sensitivity and functionality in a wide range of applications such as automotive interiors, fashion and interior decoration. The company plans to sell 2019 yen in fiscal year 0. 5 billion and 2023 yen in fiscal year 3 billion five years later. The texture of suede-like leather is made of non-woven materials by curing and polishing the three-dimensional binding structure of polyurethane impregnated polyester microfiber to form suede-like surface structure. 'Higasuede BX' is made of polyester and ethylene glycol polymerization, ethylene glycol is made of sugar cane waste molasses, and polyurethane is made of Polyols made of edible castor oil. In the early days, polyurethane made of plant-based raw materials had technical problems, especially when used in non-woven fabrics with suede texture, with low durability. From the development of Polymer raw materials to the design of product structure and polyurethane coagulation technology, Dongli company finally successfully launched 'releasuede BX '. It has the characteristics of high proportion of plant-based raw materials, comfortable hand feeling, good durability and good air permeability, and is easy to maintain. Releasuede, a high-quality product brand produced with advanced Japanese technology, will it sell well all over the world? Let's wait and see!
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