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Flame retardant furniture non-woven fabric market quietly rises

by:Sunshine     2019-11-22
CFR-developed by Dongguan Lianying Cotton Products Co. , Ltd- 1633 flame retardant cotton has been successfully introduced to the market. At present, the market situation is good, and the products sell well in Guangdong, Ningbo, Shaoxing and other places. 1634 flame retardant cotton for bedding and 1635 flame retardant cotton for sofa are currently under development. It is understood that CFR- 1633 flame retardant cotton is specially used to produce flame retardant mattresses and other cushion products and has passed CFR-1633, TB-603, UL-94 and other standards and tests. The product has a permanent flame retardant effect, and its flame retardant principle is to add inorganic flame retardant to the raw material colloid to become nano-state or cross-network state to achieve flame retardant. This material has no melting drops, no toxicity, low smoke, low calorie, only redness, no combustion, has self-extinguishing effect, and maintains its original shape after carbonization. Dongguan Lianying Cotton Products Co. , Ltd. owns (Hong Kong)Lianying Trading Company ,(Dongguan) Lianying Cotton Products Co. , Ltd. , Lianfeng fiber products factory and other units. At present, the company has five professional equipment production lines for producing various series of non-woven fabrics, with an annual production capacity of 6000 tons, and has composite production lines such as cotton, ultrasonic, laminating and gluing. The main products include flame retardant cotton, hard Cotton, filter materials, aromatic fiber, needle cotton, spray rubber cotton, doll cotton, fireproof cotton, flame retardant fiber, sound absorbing cotton, spinning cotton, Pine cotton, non-woven cloth, Pearl cotton, ultrasonic breathable cotton, low melting point fiber, washing cotton, PK cotton, latex, etc. Widely used in furniture, bedding, leather goods and other industries.
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