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Hong Kong Guoqiao industrial non-woven fabric project settled in Jinxian county, Jiangxi province

by:Sunshine     2019-11-16
On the morning of December 18, Hong Kong Guoqiao industry (Group) The signing ceremony of the non-woven fabric project with an investment of 0. 1 billion yuan settled in Jinxian county medical device industry base in Jiangxi province was held in the Convention and Exhibition Center. Jin Xian County Party Committee Standing Committee, executive deputy county magistrate Huang Wen and Hong Kong Guoqiao industry (Group) Yang nature, chairman of the company, signed a project cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties. Hong Kong Guoqiao industry (Group) The company officially signed a contract to settle in the medical device industry base, marking a new field of cooperation between the two sides, driving the rapid development of the medical device industry in Jinxian county and promoting the construction of the medical device industry chain, it is of great significance to accelerate the extraordinary development of county economy and the rise of characteristics. It is understood that Hong Kong Guoqiao industry (Group) The company mainly produces and manages PP, PET non-woven fabrics, PE coated composite processing, elastic non-woven fabrics and other products. At present, it has many production enterprises in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other places, and is one of the largest non-woven fabric production enterprises in the country.
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