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Hong Kong Non-woven fabric Association's 10th anniversary ceremony held

by:Sunshine     2019-11-15
A few days ago, the 10th anniversary ceremony of the Hong Kong Non-woven fabric Association and the seminar on 'New materials and low carbon age' were held at the World Trade Center in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Guoqiao industry (Group) Yang nature, chairman of the limited company, was elected as re-elected chairman. Li lingshen, president of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Li Guimei, secretary general, and more than one hundred local associations, business representatives and experts and scholars from the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait attended the ceremony. Yang Nature said that with the rapid development of the non-woven fabric industry, the status and role of the association will become more and more important. He said that since its establishment, the Hong Kong Non-woven fabric Association has earnestly adhered to the purpose of the founding of the association, actively carried out various activities and built multiple platforms, while doing a good job in the assistants and staff of the government's business departments and trade associations, we insist on providing various effective services to member units and promoting friendly cooperation between the Hong Kong Non-woven fabric Association and other non-woven fabric associations at home and abroad, played the role of bridges and ties. On the same day, a seminar on the theme of 'new materials and low carbon era' was held to explore the latest application and contribution of non-woven fabrics in environmental protection. Li lingshen, president of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Wang Yanqi, president of Asia non-woven materials Association, Zhao Yaoming, president of Guangdong non-woven fabric Association, Yin Zhengzhong, president of Taiwan non-woven trade association, Lin Zicong, Hong Kong Productivity Promotion Bureau, Hong Kong hu Junyan of the University of Technology and Huang Shengfu, secretary general of the Hong Kong Non-woven fabric association of Haidong Qingxin materials group, participated in the discussion. The guests included 'the status quo and development of Asian non-woven materials industry', 'the status quo and development of Guangdong non-woven fabric industry', 'non-woven fabric industry from energy saving and carbon reduction', 'degradable man-made fiber' speeches on topics such as 'development of shopping bag environment friendliness test' and 'separation technology and application of bag filter materials. Li lingshen explained to Hong Kong Non-woven fabric enterprises the 12th five-year development plan and related industrial policies of China's industrial textiles, this paper introduces the work focus of the non-woven fabric and industrial textile industry association in mainland China during the 12th Five-Year Plan period: focusing on independent innovation to achieve technological progress; Guided by market demand, strengthen the connection between production and demand; Relying on key enterprises to accelerate intensive development; To improve the system as a means to strengthen the platform construction; Guided by policy support, promote industrial upgrading. At the same time, Li lingshen also expressed his desire to promote exchanges and cooperation with the Hong Kong Non-woven fabric Association under the Development theme of 'innovation, low carbon and environmental protection. Yang naturally has full confidence in the prospects of the industry. He hopes that friends from both sides of the Taiwan Straits will work together to strengthen unity and cooperation with people from all walks of life, and actively carry out industry activities to make new contributions to the development of the non-woven fabric industry.
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