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How much does it cost to make a non-woven bag?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-29
Many customers like to ask us directly when making inquiries. How much is it to make a non-woven bag? In fact, this problem is also very simple to say, but we should also order the specifications and materials of non-woven bags according to the customer's needs. Today I am here to tell you how to calculate the price of non-woven bags. The price of non-woven bags is mainly composed of four parts: raw materials, printing, sewing, and other miscellaneous fees. The formula for calculating the cost of non-woven bag raw materials is: fabric area * gram weight * unit price (Non-woven fabric price). The area of the non-woven fabric consists of three parts. The first part is the fabric of the bag body, the second part is the side fabric, and the third part is the side part of the bag. The fabric area of the bag body is (Height * 2 6 side)* Width. The area on the side is (Height 3)* Side width * 2; I don't know the side area of the handbag. Under normal circumstances, the cost of carrying and wrapping is 0. About 12 yuan. Printing is divided into a variety of printing methods, manual screen printing is generally five points and one side, machine printing is generally two points and one side. The price of the peritoneal is calculated by Square. The price of the general amount is 0. 85 yuan a square. Thermal transfer is 1. 2 yuan per square plus a five-point hot salary. Sewing is a more complicated calculation method, mainly depending on the difficulty of non-woven bags. Generally, the wages of workers with open wrapping bags should be 0. Around 3 yuan. Under normal circumstances, the sewing salary is 0. 3-0. Between 8 yuan. Other miscellaneous fees include blanking, freight, packaging and so on. Don't forget to count the loss of 3% after all the above prices are added. The process of calculating non-woven bags is a complicated process. Only when we combine the actual operation can we prepare for the cost calculation. So when the customer has an inquiry, we all need some time, and then combine the information provided by the customer to calculate the unit price of the final non-woven bag.
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