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How to buy non-woven wallpaper?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-18
How to buy non-woven wallpaper? Non-woven fabric (Nonwoven)Also known as non-woven, non woven. A thin sheet, fiber mesh or pad made by friction, holding or bonding or combining these methods. Excluding paper and woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, tufted fabrics, sewed fabrics with sewed yarns, and wet-process lint-forming products (Regardless of whether this product is reinforced by acupuncture). 1. The difference between wet nonwoven and wet papermaking is that nonwoven should meet one of the following conditions: a. Fibers whose length to diameter ratio is greater than 300 in their fiber components (Excluding chemically cooked plant fibers)More than 50% of the quality; B. Fibers whose length to diameter ratio is greater than 300 in their fiber composition (Excluding chemically cooked plant fibers) It accounts for more than 30% of the mass and its density is less than 0. 4/cubic centimeter. 2. Viscose fiber is not considered to be chemically cooked plant fiber. Non-woven wallpaper has the best air permeability and good environmental protection in the three categories of wallpaper, and its own material is not polluted. This kind of wallpaper is the fastest glue when it is pasted, so it will not wet the wall. Another advantage is that the construction is convenient, which may not be obvious as the owner's experience. After all, construction workers are doing it, but we still have to mention it. Due to the characteristics of this kind of wallpaper, workers only need to scrape it once with a scraper during construction, while wallpaper of the other two materials may need to scrape 2-3 times. Advantages: zero formaldehyde, good extensibility and small shrinkage. Disadvantages: The price is high, the price of a roll is imported at 700 yuan-Between 900 yuan, domestic at 400-600 (The price is for reference only). Wallpaper is sold by roll rather than square meters. Generally, a roll of wallpaper is long and 0 wide. , The area is about 5. 2 m². Mainly made of grass, bark, etc. , and modern high-grade new natural reinforced wood pulp (Wood fiber silk containing 10%) Processed, natural, generous, simple, easy to paste, not easy to tilt, foaming, no smell, high environmental performance, strong air permeability, special wallpaper for European children's rooms, in particular, modern New reinforced wood pulp wallpaper has the characteristics of scrub resistance, anti-static resistance and no dust collection. Compared with non-woven wallpaper, it has a slightly lower air permeability, stronger than resin wallpaper and higher environmental protection than non-woven wallpaper and stronger than resin wallpaper, the color of pure paper wallpaper is very positive. Disadvantages: The shrinkage is large, so that the wallpaper attached to the wall is easy to show gaps and easily lose color. Reminder: it is best not to use pure paper wallpaper for wet air. Price: The price of a roll of pure paper wallpaper is 400- Between 900 yuan, but there are also more than 900 yuan (The price is for reference only) In fact, a large part of the price of wallpaper is 'pattern design', just like fashion.
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