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How to choose non-woven wallpaper, what are the characteristics of non-woven wallpaper?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-19
How to choose non-woven wallpaper? What are the characteristics of non-woven wallpaper? 1. Care about materials: There are many colors of wallpaper on the market, but there are also many materials, of which paper-based PVC wallpaper accounts for more than half, the cost of raw materials is relatively low, and some imported PVC wallpaper prices are very high; High-grade wallpaper is usually made of pure paper and non-woven fabric. 2, carry out environmental testing: The Environmental Protection of wallpaper depends on the material and material grade, printing process, etc. , the site can pass the burning sample ( Wallpaper with high environmental protection level has no burning odor, no smoke, ash is gray powder)Hewen ( PVC wallpaper has obvious plastic flavor and low grade wallpaper has strong printing ink flavor)To identify. The new open-book pulp wallpaper without odor has the highest environmental protection level. 3. Pay attention to color fastness: wallpaper with bright colors and bright colors is certainly beautiful, but don't forget to wipe it with a damp cloth on the spot to see if it is decolorizing, especially some wallpaper with concave and convex texture, future ultimately often clean take care. 4. Pay attention to supporting accessories: while selecting wallpaper, you should also know about the base film (Wall back cover) The use function of rubber powder and glue paste will directly affect the construction quality and later Effect of wallpaper. A complete set of wallpaper construction includes primer, glue, wallpaper, and any non-environmental protection will affect the final construction effect. Invisible links--Primer and glue are more critical. Many wallpaper construction problems are caused by glue, and it is best to have a complete set of systems. Features of non-woven wallpaper: non-woven wallpaper is formed by non-woven natural plant fibers such as cotton and hemp. The industry is called 'breathing wallpaper' and is the most popular new green environmental protection material in the world at present. It is harmless to human body and environment and fully conforms to environmental protection and safety standards. Non-woven wallpaper is the first choice for high-grade home decoration because of its pure color, comfortable vision, soft touch, sound absorption, ventilation, elegance and nobility. Non-woven wallpaper is easier to post than ordinary wallpaper, more waterproof, not easy to sew, no warpage, the seams are intact, natural quality, aroma, fashion.
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