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How to identify non-woven fabrics?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-23
How to identify non-woven fabrics, what is non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, also known as non-woven fabrics, are made up of directional or random fibers, non-woven fabrics according to composition, there are polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, acrylic, etc. Different ingredients will have completely different non-woven styles. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, it has the advantages of good strength, breathable and waterproof, environmental protection, flexibility, non-toxic and tasteless, and low price. How to identify non-woven fabrics, the common uses of non-woven fabrics are for medical care, surgical gowns, caps, covers, gypsum cotton, women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wet wipes, sanitary underwear, dust cover. Agriculture: Harvest cloth, greenhouse cloth. Industry: Floppy disk lining, Horn cloth, filter material, sound insulation felt, sealing ring lining, cable cloth, glass fiber reinforced plastic towel, industrial cloth, shockproof gasket, insulating material, tape base lining, tube base lining, ventilation pipe, sand cloth. Non-woven fabrics are used for packaging, composite cement bags, luggage lining, packaging base lining, quilt, storage bag and mobile jacquard luggage cloth. Clothing shoe making: clothing lining, FLOC, toe hard lining, heel lining, underwear, artificial deer skin, synthetic leather, warm shoe lining, cloth shoe bottom lining. Household sofa inner cloth, carpet, wall covering, mirror cloth, tea bag, vacuum cleaner filter bag, shopping bag, printed sheets, entertainment cover, cushion, sleeping bag, dry cleaning cloth, scouring pad, curtain, tablecloth, lampshade. Used in the automotive industry: scrap woven isolation Hot felt, shock-proof felt, ceiling, cushion lining, carpet, door lining, car filter core, molding cushion. Civil engineering, building: Reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, felt base cloth, Drainage Board, roof waterproof material, railway, highway, Dike, water slope, Port sound insulation, sewer, heat prevention, separation and drainage. Other uses: launch vehicle, missile head heat-proof cone, tail nozzle throat lining, advanced printing paper, space shuttle heat-resistant tile, map cloth, calendar cloth, artificial cloth, canvas, etc. How to identify non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics are divided into domestic fabrics and imported fabrics. Domestic fabrics are thinner, softer and easy to Lint. Imported fabrics are relatively thick, flat, crisp and have a good feel, handmade is more ideal. The edges of dust-free cloth, dust-free wiping cloth, microfiber dust-free cloth and microfiber wiping cloth are sealed by the most advanced edge cutting machine, leaving no particles and thread ends after wiping, and have strong decontamination ability. Appearance index identification of non-woven fabrics: the samples randomly selected for testing are 2 m, unfolded in a light place, and the surface of the cloth is visually inspected for unqualified defects such as broken wires and hard blocks. At the same time, pay attention to whether the light transmission performance of the cloth surface is consistent. This is an important and simple method to judge the uniformity of the cloth surface. Then spread on the flat ground, the uniform product, the cloth surface should not fluctuate, and if so, you will be in trouble when processing the pieces. Physical indicators of cloth surface identify non-woven fabrics: observe whether the cloth surface is shiny. There is no fiber floating on the surface, if it is dull or floating, it is probably produced by returning materials. Tear a piece of cloth, burn it completely with fire, observe the burning residue, good product, the residue is small and flat, the secondary material is produced, and the residue has a lot of tiny particle dust. If time permits, you can take 1 m² to expose to the sun and tear it with your hand, which is as easy as paper.
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