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How to use fluorescence method to distinguish non-woven fabrics?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-23
Nowadays, with the improvement of economic level, our concept of environmental protection is also increasing. Many manufacturers are also optimistic about the development prospects of non-woven bags, and they are gradually investing in this industry, but in the face of so many non-woven bags in the market, how do we distinguish between true and false? Now Xiaobian summarizes some methods for your reference. If we want to distinguish between true and false non-woven bags, we first need to know several parameters that determine the quality of products: 1. Looking at the sewing bag, everyone should know that sewing in the sewing bag process is very important. Cheap sewing bags usually only take a single line in order to save costs, employment of inexperienced workers makes the sewing line of the product not straight or even running. 2. Look at the grams of non-woven fabrics. The grams here refer to the weight of non-woven fabrics within 1 m². The heavier the weight, the more fabric will be used. Naturally, the thicker the fabric, the stronger it will be, for non-woven bags used by ordinary enterprises for publicity, in order to save costs, most of them are suitable for 80 grams of non-woven fabrics. 80 grams of non-woven fabrics can be reused about 10 times, and the hand feeling is relatively thin. 70 grams can withstand 4-5 kg weight, 80 grams can withstand 5-6 kg weight, and so on. 3. Look at the non-woven fabric process. A good quality non-woven fabric bag is not only strong and durable, but also very good-looking. It is very good in hand. Most non-woven fabric bags on the market use screen printing, screen-printed leather bags are cheap and have clear lines. In addition to human factors, there is also an important indicator that pigments and some unscrupulous manufacturers choose inferior dyes to cause the leather bags to be environmentally friendly and even have a pungent smell. Here is a specific method for detecting the true and false methods of non-woven bags: water detection method, put non-environmental bags in water, and press the bottom of the water, non-toxic non-environmental bags have a small proportion, can surface, toxic non-environmental bags have a large proportion and sink. Method 2: The non-toxic polyethylene non-environmental bag of fire detection method is flammable, the flame is blue, the upper end is yellow, and it drops like candle tears when burning, with paraffin smell and less smoke; The toxic PVC non-environmental protection bag is not flammable, it is extinguished from the fire, the flame is yellow, the bottom is green, the softening can be brushed, and there is a pungent smell of hydrochloric acid. Method 3: shaking detection method grasping one end of the non-environmental bag with one hand and shaking hard, the person who makes a crisp sound is non-toxic; The sound is poisonous. Method 4: The non-toxic non-environmental bag of sensory detection method is milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent, with flexibility, smooth hand feeling and wax on the surface; Toxic non-environmental bags are turbid or yellow in color and feel sticky. After reading the method introduced by Xiaobian, do you have a little understanding of the true and false of the non-woven bag? I hope that the method of Xiaobian can help everyone.
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