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Hubei non-woven fabric town is short of workers. 50 thousand people, skilled workers earn 5000 or 6000 yuan a month

by:Sunshine     2020-01-24
On September 1, the global textile network reported that with the recovery of foreign trade economy, the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are now short of labor. Even Pengchang town, Xiantao city, a non-woven fabric town in Hubei province, which is close to Chongqing, has a labor gap due to the sharp increase in orders, to this end, an olive branch was thrown to Chongqing migrant workers. Employment Gap 1. Reporters from 50 thousand contacted the recruitment office set up by Pengchang town government yesterday and learned that the recruitment office was set up urgently because of the excessive employment gap in Pengchang town. According to the reporter's understanding, there are 178 non-woven fabric processing enterprises in Pengchang town, and the products are basically used for export. Under normal circumstances, these enterprises use more than 30 thousand jobs, while local workers do less than 2. 50 thousand, with a long-term gap of more than 5000. After entering May, the demand for non-woven products abroad surged and orders from enterprises were full. For this reason, 9856 sets of processing equipment were added. Preliminary estimates show that non-woven fabric enterprises in the whole town still need at least 15000 workers. The monthly salary of skilled workers is 5000 or 6000. According to the staff of Pengchang town recruitment office, there are no migrant workers in Chongqing to work in Pengchang town. ' When people come to the town government to report, they can arrange work on the same day, and provide free accommodation and reimbursement for one-way fare. Novices can get 1000 a month-3000 yuan. Skilled workers who do well can get up to 5000-6000 yuan. ' Due to the large employment gap, Pengchang town's requirements for migrant workers are also very low, as long as the age is 18-Anyone who is 50 years old can go. 'It would be better if sewing. ' The staff member also enthusiastically said that compared with economically developed areas such as the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, Pengchang town has lower prices and the income of migrant workers can remain more in their own hands. The labor shortage along the coast is more serious. Compared with Pengchang town, the labor shortage in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta is more serious. At the end of last year, due to the outbreak of the financial crisis and the coastal areas relying on foreign trade to survive, a large number of factory orders dropped by, so many enterprises dismissed their original workers. However, in recent months, the long-lost orders have returned to foreign trade enterprises. For example, Shenzhen Gule fashion Co. , Ltd. has been unable to process its recent orders after the recent increase due to the reduction in production scale at the beginning of the year. ' Our company still needs to recruit at least 500 workers, all of whom are specially recruited in Chongqing and Sichuan, but they are still not recruited. I am a bit overwhelmed and have launched several orders. ' The head of Dongguan Philharmonic toy industry also anxiously told reporters. It is understood that textile, clothing, food, toys and other enterprises closely related to daily life have the greatest demand for employment.
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