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Hubei Xiantao non-woven fabric industry insists on 'paying equal attention to five'

by:Sunshine     2020-01-27
Reporters learned from relevant departments a few days ago that Xiantao city in Hubei province has comprehensively accelerated the expansion of the scale of the non-woven fabric industry, cluster agglomeration, upgrading and chain extension around the overall goal of building a 'famous city of non-woven fabric products in China, strive to reach more than 30 billion yuan in production and sales of non-woven fabric enterprises above designated size by 2015, with exports exceeding 0. 7 billion US dollars and taxes paid striving to exceed. 0. 5 billion yuan. At the same time, adhere to the 'five equal emphasis': first, adhere to the development of non-woven products processing and development of non-woven raw and auxiliary materials production, and strive to 3 ~ Within 5 years, the production capacity of non-woven fabric raw materials will exceed 500 thousand tons, of which the production capacity of high-grade non-woven fabric raw materials will reach 300 thousand tons; The annual processing capacity of non-woven products reaches 700 thousand tons, basically forming a complete industrial chain matching the processing of products. The second is to insist on cultivating and introducing non-woven products processing enterprises and cultivating and introducing non-woven raw material production and machinery production enterprises, and strive to introduce more than three top 50 enterprises in the world's non-woven raw material production, the city's non-woven raw material production line will reach more than 50 in 2015, and strive to make breakthroughs in the introduction of non-woven machinery production enterprises. Third, adhere to the scale expansion and transformation and upgrading, while continuing to vigorously develop non-woven products processing and upstream and downstream enterprises, guide enterprises to accelerate technological transformation, product research and development, equipment renewal and brand creation, strive to create more than 3 influential brands, and the self-operated export volume of non-woven products will reach 50%, forming a number of new products with independent intellectual property rights, so that the mechanization and intelligence level of non-woven enterprises in the city will be greatly improved, the production and sales of high-end non-woven products account for more than 60% of the total output of non-woven products. Fourth, adhere to the development of foreign markets and the development of domestic markets, guide non-woven fabric enterprises to speed up the pace of structural adjustment, strengthen the docking with domestic large-scale infrastructure construction projects, and vigorously develop industrial fabrics such as geotextiles, make the industrial cloth consumption reach 40% of the total consumption of non-woven fabrics. Fifth, insist on supporting the development of Pengchang non-woven fabric industry and supporting the development of other Township non-woven fabric industries, and gradually expand the scope and scale of industrial clusters. As the birthplace and core area of the non-woven fabric industry in Xiantao city, Pengchang town should accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading and product structure adjustment while stabilizing the processing scale of existing products, focus on the development of non-woven raw material production, non-woven machinery production, high-end non-woven products processing, non-woven storage logistics and headquarters economy. (China teachers' daily)
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