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Huge space, manufacturers are optimistic about the non-woven handbag market

by:Sunshine     2020-01-06
The market prospect of non-woven handbags is promising. If you pay a little attention, you can find that there are new substitutes for paper goods bags carried out from big businesses and Specialty Stores---Non-woven handbags made of polypropylene. It overcomes the problem that paper bags are easily wet by water, and the price is not high. It is suitable for disposable packaging of high-grade knitwear such as clothing and cotton wool quilt, but it is higher than paper bags and has higher strength, consumers can use it again. ? ? In recent years, non-woven handbags appearing in the domestic market have rich, bright and bright colors, especially flocking non-woven fabrics are more solemn and elegant. Because it can replace paper handbags and its price is slightly lower than that of high-grade copper paper bags, its service life is longer than that of paper handbags, and non-woven handbags are gradually accepted by the domestic market. The author saw it in the sample room of Yihe Company's non-woven handbags, A number of well-known brand clothing companies such as Woodpecker, St. Paul, Valentino, peilomeng, B2, French ship King, and Rose have chosen non-woven handbags as packaging handbags for their branded clothing. ? ? It is understood that non-woven handbags and leather bags have gradually been accepted by developed countries. This non-woven handbag, which can replace paper handbags made of trees, is internationally recognized as an environmentally friendly product to protect the Earth's ecology, according to Shanghai Yihe Economic and Trade Development Co. , Ltd. , which produces non-woven bags and leather bags, 80% of the company's non-woven handbags are currently exported to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. ? ? According to industry sources, non-woven handbags already account for 20% of the handbag market in developed countries, while China currently accounts for only 3%. Because the market of non-woven handbags and leather bags has been favored by the industry, coupled with the low technical content of raw material procurement, typesetting and printing, sewing and other production links, at present, there are a number of manufacturers in China who are preparing to intervene in the production of non-woven handbags. (Source: China Silk Capital Network)
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