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Japan launches improved household tarpaulin

by:Sunshine     2020-02-29
Japan Unija company (Uni-Charm)A recently acquired patent (US6054202) The performance of domestic tarpaulin is improved, and its main feature is that two layers of non-woven fabrics are bonded together and the tarpaulin structure is given a higher strength of melt bonding lines. Compared with previous techniques, this improved tarpaulin is resistant to bending (Folding) The performance is improved, the surface wiping performance is improved, and the fluffiness is also realized. The inventor pointed out that the tarpaulin can be made into wet tarpaulin by drying or dipping with cleaning liquid. If the dishcloth is immersed in a solution composed of ethanol, surfactant and ethylene glycol, an effective clean dishcloth may be produced.
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