Cross non woven fabric/ Cambrella Fabric

Japan's rock Valley company's non-woven fabric for agriculture

by:Sunshine     2020-03-05
Rock Valley's agricultural nonwoven is characterized by small fiber diameter. The advantages are: fine fiber, large contact area between fiber and soil, high strength and climate resistance; The fiber complex is thick and improves the heat preservation effect ( 1 ~ higher than 18g/m2 polypropylene nonwoven ~ 2 ℃); Standard surface density is 18g/m2, light and soft. The product specification is 18g/m2, with 200 m, 50m roll and 10m stack. The composite with a surface density of 40g/m2 and a three-layer structure containing silver film Metal film is suitable for high heat preservation applications required for rice seedling germination. (Japan does not? Cloth intelligence)
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