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Jiangnan High Fiber operation status and future market expectations

by:Sunshine     2020-02-12
Global Textile network March 11, March 6, 2010, we went to Suzhou Jiangnan High fiber to conduct research, and communicated and discussed with the company's current operating conditions and future development strategies. Question 1: What is the company's production capacity? The company's main products mainly include polyester wool and composite fiber, of which the annual output of polyester wool can reach 2. About 20 thousand tons, 10 years of production capacity has expanded, it is expected that the annual output can be achieved 2. 50 thousand tons. Composite fibers are divided into esfibers and high-strength fibers. The production capacity in 09 and 10 years has been greatly expanded. In, the output of the two products was 3. About 50 thousand tons, with an estimated 10-year output of about 50 thousand tons each. Question 2: What is the expectation of the company's product market in the future? Polyester wool strips are mainly used for adding materials in woolen products. After adding polyester wool strips, woolen fabrics can make them feel more comfortable and not easy to fold, and can also improve the yarn support of fabrics, the gross profit margin of this product is about 30%. At present, the company has a market share of about 60% of polyester wool and has strong bargaining power for the downstream. We expect that the production of polyester wool will maintain a relatively stable growth rate in the future. The ES fiber in composite fiber is mainly used for the production of sanitary materials in non-woven fabrics, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, medical sanitary materials, etc. The gross profit margin of this product is about 13%. The downstream products of ES fiber are mostly ready-to-use and discard products. With the advancement of urbanization, people's living standards will continue to improve, and the requirements for health will also be improved rapidly, the population of sanitary products and the average consumption per person and the quality of the products consumed will increase, so the total demand for medical and health products will increase rapidly. The downstream products of high-strength fiber are mainly PU leather base cloth in non-woven fabrics. Compared with ES, the downstream market growth rate of high-strength fiber is relatively slow. Data show that non-woven fabrics are the fastest growing products in the textile industry in recent years.
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