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Jiangsu Wuxi Wuyun pressure top? Was non-woven fabric workshop fire

by:Sunshine     2020-06-11
The day when the smoke covered the sky, it was clearly visible several kilometers away. After receiving the news, the reporter rushed to the scene of the incident. When the vehicle traveled to Xishu Road 6 kilometers away from the scene of the fire, it was seen that the smoke covered the large sky. When arriving at the intersection about 300 away from the scene of the incident, a cordon was pulled up in front and vehicles could not move forward. Reporters approached the scene of the fire on foot from outside the cordon. Walking all the way, I saw more than a dozen fire engines parked on the side of the road, and a fire truck was connected to the fire site. There were a large number of onlookers outside the factory where the fire broke out. Dozens of police and security guards were blocked outside the warning line along the way, and people were not allowed to approach dangerous areas. The fire-fighting factory continued to smoke out, and there was a strong pungent smell around the factory. In the heat, firefighters took turns to fight the fire. The scene saw that the fire department sprayed water from the three directions around the factory to the fire site. At the north gate of the factory, fire engines sprayed water into the fire-fighting factory; Outside the west wall of the factory, a fire truck stopped in the factory area next door. Several fire fighters climbed up the wall and sprayed water on the fire with a water gun. Looking inward from the door of the factory next to it, three sharp-topped factories are emitting smoke from the outside, and an open flame can be seen in a low brick house. The roofs of the three workshops were burned through, and the beams in the middle of the roof were burnt out. At 04:20 P. M. , the fire was basically controlled, fire officers and soldiers began to clear the scene, and smoke from the scene gradually decreased. Yesterday afternoon, the temperature was relatively high, and the fire field was extremely high. Fire officers and soldiers took turns to enter the fire scene to save. When firefighters who withdrew from the fire took off their thick protective clothing, their bodies were soaked with sweat. Several fire fighters who had just withdrawn from the scene took off their protective clothing and their skin was red. They came to the front of the fire truck and sat on the ground. After that, they continued to rinse the body with the water sprayed from the fire hose. There are also many people around who carry bundles of mineral water to the scene for firefighters to drink. The fire point is a workshop for producing non-woven fabrics. Many onlookers said that there are workshops in many factories in the factory compound, and the fire broke out in the workshop of a non-woven fabric factory. The fire started at about 02:30 P. M. In the roadside green belt, several workers wearing light blue overalls were sitting on the ground, and they were working in the workshop at the time of the incident. They said that there are more than a dozen machines in the fire workshop, and there are also a large number of raw materials for production. The raw materials for producing non-woven fabrics are flammable materials. 'At that time, a machine near the factory building began to smoke, igniting the raw materials and waste paper next to it. Those things burned very fast, and soon the fire could not be controlled. We ran out of the workshop, I grabbed a few pieces of luggage in the dormitory and ran out. 'There are a lot of backpacks and luggage in the green belt, but more workers have not been able to grab li. At this time, the situation in the fire is still unclear. Many workers are waiting anxiously, 'The dormitory is next to the workshop. I don't know if the fire has burned to the dormitory '. Several women workers at the scene said that after the fire arrived, they could not find the fire source for a while, and there was no water in the fire hydrant in the factory. At the scene, several fire engines were parked at the gate of another factory far away from the fire scene, and several long fire hoses extended along the road to the vicinity of the fire scene. At about five o'clock P. M. , the fire was finally put out. After the fire, the workers in the workshop failed to put out the fire and all fled the workshop. The fire did not cause any casualties. The cause of the fire needs further investigation. (Jiangnan Evening News)
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