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Jin sanfa non-woven fabric new product passed provincial appraisal

by:Sunshine     2020-05-26
A few days ago, experts from relevant universities and research institutes made four new products to Jin sanfa group------ Spunbond-melt spray composite nonwoven, natural silk spunlaced nonwoven, 3512 water soluble environmentally friendly adhesive lining and 1544 ultra-fine high elastic fashion lining were identified. The expert committee believes that the four new products developed by Jin sanfa have been innovated in structure, with reasonable material selection, unique process, deep research on details, and relevant technical indicators reaching the domestic leading level, unanimously agreed to pass the provincial appraisal. At the same time, experts also hope that Jin sanfa group will pay attention to the standardization work in the process of new product development, do a good job in the serialization and industrial production of new products, and transform new products and technologies into real productivity as soon as possible, form good economic benefits and produce extensive social benefits.
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