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Large gaps in automotive and medical non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2019-12-09
The nonwoven industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. In 1970, the world's non-woven fabric consumption was only 400 thousand tons, while by 2007, the world's consumption exceeded 4. 5 million tons. The development of the non-woven fabric industry can be said to be advancing by leaps and bounds. China has become one of the world's major non-woven fabric production and application areas. In 2006, China's mainland non-woven fabric output reached 1. 3966 million tons, accounting for about 1/3 of the world's total. It is one of the fastest growing non-woven fabrics in the world. In the future, China's non-woven fabric industry will develop into two major fields: Automobile and medical and health care, which is also the development trend of the international industry. Non-woven fabrics for automobiles are widely used, but there are more than 40 kinds of automotive materials with large gaps in the automotive industry. The uses include automotive interior materials, filter materials, and filling and isolation materials, it is mainly used in floor mats, door interior decorative panels, roof substrates, gasoline filters, carpets, seats, etc. The survey shows that the sales volume of non-woven materials for automobiles in China is 15% ~ The speed of 20% is increasing, but it still cannot meet the rapid growth demand of the automobile industry. The market gap is large and needs to be imported from abroad in large quantities, with an annual import amount of about 4 billion US dollars. According to statistics, about 62. 5 million square meters of automotive nonwoven materials will be needed in 2006, while the domestic production capacity is only about 50%; The amount of carpet used for automobiles is 12 million square meters, and the domestic production capacity is only about 10%; The demand for non-woven fabrics for car seats is about 1. 3 million square meters, with a domestic production capacity of only 30%; The demand for curtain fabrics for automobiles is over 140 thousand tons, while the total domestic output is only 80 thousand tons. According to the plan of the Ministry of Communications, by 2010, China will need 267. 3 thousand tons of non-woven materials for automobiles. The shortage of demand every year will accelerate the investment in this field. Medical non-woven fabric products have high technology content, but non-woven fabric products relying on imported medical applications have become the main development direction of international deep processing enterprises. Artificial tissues and organs, non-woven fabrics for operating rooms and other high-grade medical non-woven products with huge development fields have become the focus of development due to their high scientific and technological content and considerable profits. At present, the development of medical nonwoven products in various countries around the world is accelerating. Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea are all investing heavily in research and development in this field. It is reported that 17 textile research institutions have invested in the research and development of medical products in Germany alone. The development of medical products has become a national nonwoven (Industrial textiles) One of the important metrics for the level of industrial development. At present, medical nonwoven products are roughly divided into two major points: one is artificial tissues and organs with very high technology content, such as artificial bones, artificial joints, artificial internal organs, artificial skin, surgical suture, etc. At present, such products are basically imported, and due to the large demand, the supply is limited and the price is expensive. Domestic research and development, varieties and quantities are very small; The other category is non-woven medical products, such as sterile surgical bags for operating rooms, medical gauze, adhesive tape, medical hemostatic balls and common medical non-woven products surgical clothes, protective clothing, shoes and hats, etc. In recent years, China's non-woven medical products industry has developed rapidly, but it is still dominated by ordinary products. The application fields of hospitals and health institutions in China have not really opened up and need to be vigorously developed and developed. Due to the special requirements of medical products, it also drives the research and development of functional medical nonwoven raw materials and the innovation of nonwoven processing technology.
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