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Lenzing introduces Eco Care technology to strengthen investment in sustainable viscose fiber

by:Sunshine     2021-04-11
On October 10th, Lenzing Group announced the introduction of Eco Care technology to strengthen the production of environmentally friendly viscose fibers for the non-woven industry. Eco Care technology is a green, ecological and environmentally friendly production process that complies with the relevant regulations of the EU ECO-label. The label represents outstanding performance in environmental protection, and is only awarded to manufacturers who can meet high environmental standards for products and services throughout their entire life cycle. Compared with ordinary products, VEOCELTM special viscose fiber manufactured with Eco Care technology can reduce carbon emissions and water consumption by 50%. The results of testing using Higg MSI tools show that the CO2 emissions and petrochemical resource usage of this technology account for only about half of the industry average.

The VEOCELTM special viscose fiber produced with Eco Care technology uses sustainable wood as its raw material and has obtained clean and safe certification. It is an ideal choice for various non-woven applications such as maternal and child, personal and household products. It is especially suitable for different types of dry wipes, wet wipes, feminine sanitary napkins, adult diapers and baby diapers. VEOCEL? Special viscose fibers lay a common foundation for innovative sustainable solutions in the nonwoven industry.
We launched a new VEOCELTM certification standard not long ago. Now, the VEOCELTM brand logo can be used on products made entirely of cellulose fibers and biodegradable raw materials. The introduction of Eco Care technology is another breakthrough feat of the VEOCELTM brand, which allows fibers with the VEOCELTM brand logo to be widely used in a variety of non-woven products. In the future, VEOCELTM special viscose fibers produced with Eco Care technology will provide more sustainable products to the market and provide another economical and sustainable product for non-woven applications. Said Jürgen Eizinger, vice president of global nonwovens business of Lenzing Group.
VEOCELTM special viscose fiber can absorb water naturally and distribute the liquid evenly in the product. This feature is very necessary for wet wipes and sanitary products, which can make the skin dry and comfortable while cleaning. According to the Hot Button Report of Canadian non-profit organization Canopy, Lenzing Group has been listed as one of the world's best viscose fiber manufacturers.
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