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Liaohua non-woven fabric project obtained 'health certificate' through 'physical examination'

by:Sunshine     2019-12-07
Recently, Liaoyang petroleum and chemical fiber company's newly-built 8000-ton thin spunbond nonwoven project successfully passed the National Occupational Health acceptance, and the 'physical examination' passed the 'health certificate' and can be formally produced. The Liaoning Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, commented on the liaohua non-woven fabric project that the site selection and layout of the project are reasonable, technology, occupational disease hazard protection programs and facilities meet the national industrial enterprise design hygiene standards. It is the first time in liaohua's production history for more than 20 years that the state health department has conducted occupational disease hazard prevention and identification on new production projects. Before liaohua, several domestic non-woven fabric manufacturers could only produce medium-thick products ranging from 40g/m2 to 380g/m2. At the beginning of the project planning, liaohua company focused on the development and development of thin products of 40g/m2 with high technical content and wide use. In the polyester SMS thin variety series, liaohua has been able to produce 13g/m2 ultra-thin products, filling the gap in domestic thin polyester non-woven fabric production. The total investment of the project is 1. 0. 5 billion yuan, designed in 2004, constructed in that year and completed for commissioning in that year, was called 'Hope Project' by liaohua people to realize the revitalization and development of enterprises '. At present, liaohua company has signed a letter of intent for product sales with six domestic enterprises or trading companies. It is understood that after the production equipment reaches production and sales are completed, the annual sales revenue of the enterprise can reach 1. 0. 8 billion yuan and more than 4000 yuan in profits and taxes. Source: China News Network
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