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Long Xiao non-woven wallpaper big flower pattern get rid of home constraints

by:Sunshine     2019-11-14
Non-woven wallpaper is called 'breathing wallpaper' by the industry. Its air permeability and moisture resistance are very good, so it is widely loved by consumers. Today, this non-woven wallpaper brought to everyone by the mini-editor is soft in color and gorgeous in flower pattern. It should be a good choice for people who like pastoral style. Evaluation brand: Longyan wallpaper, evaluation product: Longyan EF8005 green flower wallpaper, product style: country style, product material: non-woven product specifications: 0. 7*10m Reference Price: 780 yuan/Roll (Now special price 507 yuan/volume) Evaluation location: Jimei home Dahongmen store evaluation details: 1, flower pattern, bump texture Longyan EF8005 green flower wallpaper flower pattern is very atmospheric, the pattern is slightly shiny, just like a thin layer of gold powder, compared with the small floral pastoral style, it has a more gorgeous feeling. The background color of the wallpaper is beige, and the effect of the three-dimensional relief is obvious, which not only increases the layering, but also reduces the noise. 2, paper base this wallpaper consists of non-woven fabric and paper base on the upper and lower layers, the wallpaper is relatively thick, the feel is slightly hard, the overall flexibility is still very good. Tear a place by hand to clearly see the fiber wire on the edge of the paper base. 7, easy to clean test, because the surface of this wallpaper has texture, Xiaobian is more worried about whether it will be bad after it is dirty. So after drawing dirty wallpaper texture with a pen, test whether the texture will fall dirty with an eraser. The result is quite good and clean. Evaluation Summary: longxiao EF8005 green flower wallpaper has a larger pattern, so the wallpaper of the pattern has the effect of breaking the space constraint, moreover, the beige of the wallpaper background and the lighter green leaves and safflower also have a low-key gorgeous feeling in the pastoral. This wallpaper material consists of the bottom paper base and non-woven fabric of the surface layer. The wallpaper is thick and flexible. Judging from the performance tests of the wallpaper, the wallpaper has performed well in terms of easy cleaning and water resistance, but the wallpaper does not have fire resistance, leaving a potential safety hazard and a shortage in the United States and China, it also reduces the cost performance of this wallpaper, but it is still more cost-effective to buy it during the special price. Longyan wallpaper other products display Longyan wallpaper Jimei home Dahongmen store
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