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Nano non-woven blood purification material passed acceptance

by:Sunshine     2020-01-02
Recently, the Nano-non-woven blood filtration material developed by the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the acceptance. The internal aperture of this non-woven fabric is 100 ~ Between 5000 nanometers, it is just 5 ~ of the diameter of low density lipoprotein ~ 25 times, these natural substances can easily capture low-density lipoprotein by means of physical and chemical, biological action and so on. Immerse the non-woven fabric in acrylic acid solution and make the non-woven fabric'Plating' The upper layer of polyacrylic film can not only disinfect, but also make the non-woven fabric hydrophilic and absorb water, which is beneficial to blood compatibility. More importantly, the acrylic acid itself has a certain negative electricity, which is exactly the opposite sex of the low-density lipoprotein with positive electricity. Back TwoCatcher' Both are taken from nature and are easy to bind to low density lipoprotein. Heparin is a biological polysaccharide, taurine is an amino acid, can pass through the chemical action of hydroxyl and carboxyl, and the former'Catcher'Acrylic AcidHand in Hand' For example, the station pile is generally fixed on the non-woven coating film, so the low density lipoprotein is continuously absorbed. In addition, a large amount of cholesterol is also placed around the aperture of the non-woven fabric as bait, which is 2 ~ The artificial line of six carbon atoms is stunned, floating like a kite, binding the excess cholesterol in the blood. In this many'Catcher' Under the combined force, the blood circulation purification in vitro has been successful. After blood cell separation, the plasma originally turbid and sticky like lard in the test tube was purified in several minutes and returned to a clear and transparent health level. (Chang Shang)
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