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Nepal's technology New Third Board is listed, the main protective film Non-woven products

by:Sunshine     2020-04-22
In January 19, 2016, Nepal's technology 835669. OC is listed on the New Third Board. Dongguan NI's Technology Co. , Ltd. is listed as Dongguan Securities, the accounting firm is Zhongshen Asia Pacific accounting firm, and the law firm is Beijing Jingyin law firm. According to the data of China Commercial Industry Research Institute, as of June 30, 2015, the operating income of Dongguan Nepal Technology Co. , Ltd. reached 1952. 263. 91 million yuan, net profit 27. 6692. 41 million yuan, the company's total assets 2016. 3253. 54 million yuan, net assets 639. 8971. 71 million yuan. According to the data of China Business Industry Research Institute, Dongguan NI Technology Co. , Ltd. is a professional technology company integrating research and development, production and sales of sticky dust series, protective film series and non-woven fabric series products. Its predecessor, Foshan nanhaini purification Products Co. , Ltd. , was established in 2002. During the seven years of operation and Development in Foshan, it has forged the company's 'Nidy' brand's high reputation and influence in the same industry. With the development of the company's soft power and the promotion of hard power investment to create new business results, the company demolished huge sums of money in September 2009 to relocate its production base to an international manufacturing city-- The production hardware and traffic conditions of Xicheng Science and Technology Industrial Park in Hengli Town, Dongguan city have been greatly improved on the basis of Foshan Nepal, and the new Nepal was registered in November-- Dongguan NI Science and Technology purification Co. , Ltd. Has a new factory area of 34000 ㎡, with a total construction area of 15000 ㎡, the 2300 garden-style independent office building is connected in the middle of the two-story main factory buildings. The 8000 ㎡ Greening better explains the new definition of Nepal's green factory. Over the years, Nepal's team has developed into one of the largest manufacturers of various products in the domestic purification and anti-static industry by virtue of its strong product research and development capability and highly responsible management concept to customers, it is a series of dust-free products produced by dust-free workshops in China and from film blowing--Glue-- Product molding is the only manufacturer with completely independent technology. The new Nepal is fully introducing the new ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification. Nepal's company now has a number of product technology patents. The company's series of dust-sticking products: Dust-sticking pads, dust-sticking rollers, dust-sticking paper rolls, silicone rollers, silicone dust-sticking pens, dust-sticking paper books and PE dust-sticking books; Protective film series: electronic protective film, carpet protective film, building materials protective film and non-woven fabric series: non-woven mask, M-3 paper that do not have dirt, the cloth that do not have dirt such. The company is committed to the research and development and innovation of protective film series products while continuously catering to customer needs on the basis of mature production technology of sticky dust series products, in November 2010, new coating equipment will be put into operation to build a new dust-free workshop to produce electronic PE protective film with high cleaning requirements. Business scope: R & D, production and sales: purification products, anti-static products, sticky dust products, dust-free cloth products; Import and export of goods and technology.
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