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New cotton and linen wallpaper decoration room

by:Sunshine     2020-04-17
Everyone wants their home to be more environmentally friendly and warmer. Now I 'd like to introduce you to several newly developed wallpaper, which is no longer a simple wall decoration material, but an artistic and fashionable product full of cultural connotation and aesthetic value, can beautify people's life, reflect extraordinary taste; It breaks through the pure decoration of wallpaper in the traditional sense and adds practicality to make your home look warmer and more environmentally friendly. It is mainly made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers as raw materials, and uses gauze or paper as the base material to completely eliminate the adverse factors affecting health, so it is regarded as the most secure wallpaper. Among them, non-woven wall covering is a new type of high-grade decorative material made of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp or nitrile synthetic fibers through non-woven molding, resin coating and color pattern printing, which is full of elasticity, and cashmere-like touch, called'Breathing wallpaper'. The use at home can create a natural, freehand, elegant, warm and comfortable space atmosphere, and has good sound insulation effect and flame retardant and environmentally friendly performance. In addition, because it adds special raw materials, it can make the living room get heat preservation effect. As the name implies, wallpaper is a wallpaper made of grass as raw material. The specific raw materials are grass, hemp, GE, bamboo, rattan, wood, leaves and other natural materials, which are dried and pressed onto the paper Foundation. They are non-toxic and tasteless, sound-absorbing and moisture-proof, warm and ventilated, and have a strong local flavor, natural simplicity. Pure paper wallpaper, suitable for children's rooms, mainly made of grass, bark and modern high-grade new natural reinforced wood pulp (Wood fiber silk containing 10%) Processed, easy to paste, not easy to tilt, foaming, no odor, high environmental performance, strong air permeability, is a special type of wallpaper designated by European children's rooms. Diatomite is formed by the accumulation of plant remains growing in the Sea Lake for millions of years. Because diatomite itself has numerous fine holes, it can absorb and decompose the peculiar smell in the air, making it have the functions of moisture regulation, ventilation, mildew prevention and deodorization, it can be widely used in living rooms, study rooms, living rooms and office places. Cloth-based wallpaper pavement natural cloth-based wallpaper is made of high-grade gauze and polyester materials and natural materials. The effect is more natural, the texture is close to the cloth, giving a natural and warm feeling. How to match the wallpaper with the decoration style of the room, first, the color matching, the beautiful green, the mysterious purple, the cheerful yellow, the red, the romantic light powder, the different colors of wallpaper can create different atmosphere for the living room, create different decorative styles, use appropriate colors, and match the colors of furniture in harmony, the wallpaper can fully show the infinite charm of its color. Generally, for the Chaoyang room, you can choose the tone that is getting colder and colder to ease the temperature of the room; In a room with a shade, you can choose a warm wallpaper to increase the clarity of the room. For living rooms, restaurants and other spaces where people have more activities, bright and warm colors should be used to mobilize people's emotions. In the bedroom, study and other spaces that require people to meditate, it is advisable to choose colors with lower brightness or cold color to make people concentrate on thinking, or calm and impetuous mood. Second, the pattern with colorful and dazzling flowers often attracts people's attention in the distance, and realistic patterns seem to have the feeling of coming out. Such wallpaper is most suitable for paving in a single room, in order to reduce the restraint of the living room. However, some wallpaper with regularly arranged floral patterns can be used as the background of the living room, so that their favorite sofas and chairs can show their characteristics against the background of this little star flower. If the height of the room is low, you can choose vertical striped wallpaper to decorate the wall, because the pattern of vertical stripes can give people the illusion of rising sight and make the room not look depressed. Bright wallpaper should not only serve the walls of the living room, but also become a material for decorating household items. You can use the leftover corners of the wall to decorate the lampshade, wardrobe and dining mat of the home, bringing the most perfect sense of harmony to the whole home. Wallpaper patterns and colors are extremely rich. Even in the same style, wallpaper, wallpaper waist line, cloth, gauze, satin and so on can be matched to form a variety of styles. Therefore, you can choose the style of wallpaper according to your own interests and aesthetics. However, different textures, colors and patterns of wallpaper will form different visual effects, so you should also choose the appropriate wallpaper according to the height of your room, the lighting conditions of your room and the size of your apartment.
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