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New high temperature resistant non-woven fabric: Service life up to 6. 50 thousand times

by:Sunshine     2020-04-16
Russia has recently developed a new type of high temperature resistant nonwoven, which is suitable for high temperature in metallurgical forging and kiln burning industries (200 ℃)Filtration of dust and corrosive gases. It is understood that in order to improve the heat resistance and strength of the filter cloth, this filter cloth is added with heat-resistant fiber okselon, the core material is polyester silk, and the heat resistance of the product can be based on the temperature required for use, the content percentage of heat-resistant fiber in the filter cloth is adjusted. The surface density of the filter cloth is 500g/m2, and the intact rate is 160-170dm2/m2. S. At present, polymer-to-filter cloth coating is commonly used in the world, or the method of dipping filter cloth with fluorine-containing preparation is commonly used. The new high temperature resistant nonwoven developed by Russia adopts imported fluorine-containing preparation spraying and fluorine-containing preparation coating, which not only makes the service life of the product from 3. 50 thousand times (Cycle)Increase to 6. 50 thousand times, and the product's air permeability, porosity, pore diameter and strength have not changed. The advent of this new product has expanded the application field of non-woven fabrics.
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