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New non-woven cotton fabric absorbs toxins

by:Sunshine     2020-04-17
The cotton cloth that you can't live without will soon have the function of absorbing toxins. Scientists at the school of environment and human health of Texas University of Science and Technology recently released a new component cotton fabric, which scientists say has the function of resisting biological and chemical toxins. This fabric was developed for the US Department of Defense and also provides a new market for cotton farmers in western Texas. The College researcher in charge of development said that they were the first to apply cotton to the national defense field, which was a big event. This kind of non-woven fabric is the type that the Ministry of Defense needs in the strategy of eliminating pollution and technology. He said that one side of the non-woven cotton cloth was loaded with a thin carbon sheet. This fabric can be used to wipe dangerous pollutants on different surfaces, including human skin and fighter complex equipment. This fabric is light, soft and easy to deform and can cover grotesque objects. This fabric can neutralize and absorb toxic chemicals in chemical wars and pesticides. It can also be used for lining of labor insurance clothing. Texas scientists said at a press conference that this is a win-win day for Texas University of Science and Technology and a win-win day for the American people. This fabric has been tested by bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold, but has not been tested by anthracnose and other chemicals that may cause death. But it is possible to do specific targeted substance tests for enzymes. Science says that once the neurosubstance test is passed, this fabric will definitely save life. Cotton observers in western Texas said that this fabric brought exciting good news to local cotton farmers. It not only increases the added value of local cotton, but also opens up new sources of income. Recently, Hobbs bonbon fiber, a company authorized by the university based in Waco, is producing this kind of cloth. The company's chief executive said they could start negotiations with the government within a month or two. Now, this kind of cloth can work for the national army, which may be a very meaningful thing.
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