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New technology of steam reinforced Nonwoven

by:Sunshine     2020-05-29
Japanese fiber manufacturer Kelley recently decided to introduce a new non-woven production technology, which uses steam to make fiber nets tangled and reinforced. In recent years, in Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering (MRE) Under the cooperation of the company, keleli Kuraflex, a subsidiary of keleli company specializing in the production of non-woven fabrics, has completed the research and development of non-woven fabrics using the trial production equipment developed and owned by MRO. However, since the trial production equipment has limited the progress of research and development work, Kelley Kuraflex decided to install new equipment and plans to list this new non-woven fabric as the core of the next generation of products. The commonly used spunlaced equipment binds the fiber mesh to reinforce the nonwoven by the impact of the high-pressure water needle, and the new equipment uses steam, which works differently from others. Since the new equipment sprays steam with a certain temperature to make the surface of the fiber soft, even the crude fiber that is difficult to process can be well knotted and reinforced. Compared with spunlaced equipment, the water consumption of this new equipment is significantly reduced, saving electricity and simplifying the dryer, while also eliminating high-pressure generating components such as high-pressure pumps. (Yang Bo)
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