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Non-woven bag production test standard

by:Sunshine     2020-05-22
1. Non-woven bag composite membrane when pay attention to have foaming and composite don't Strong. 2. Cutting: Each set has a white line, and the error must not exceed 5mm when cutting. 3. The wrinkling area of each piece does not exceed 2 places. 4. In the plate making, there are 2 white boxes at both ends of each set of plates, which is the belt of the device. Sticky and hot should be consistent. 5. Running Head: the error of 2mm of folding edge shall not exceed 2mm, the distance between the upper line and the folding edge shall be, jumpers shall not be allowed, and the hour hand distance from the running head shall be 2-2. 5 needles. 6. Packing: When wrapping, the needle spacing on the enclosure is and 2 needles, and the line spacing on the enclosure is 1- 2mm, the color of the enclosure should be consistent with the color of the front of the bag. The line should be consistent with the color of the enclosure. There should be no opening. After closing the bag, reflect again, the necessary cut of the thread is lost. 7. Stacking: stacking this link is very important. It is a standard inspector, reflecting on whether there is a thread, whether there is a break in the edge, whether the belt can be positive, and all the above specifications have to be reflected, whether the stack can be aligned up and down is subject to the founder's rules. Summary: From the beginning to the end, each link is very important. The next process is the Inspector of the previous process. The following process reflects on the shortcomings of the previous process and prompts the previous process to pay attention, and to rework, to prevent a series of shortcomings to form a loss. .
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