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Non-woven bag purchase and price calculation method

by:Sunshine     2020-05-21
Non-woven fabric pricing method: 1. Cloth ( There are many colors in the fabric, the cheapest one is white, and the big red and black are slightly more expensive. ) The price is calculated by thickness, the number of grams is calculated, generally 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, etc. 2. Production process, production process is the most difficult to calculate the price, because he has too many parts, such as: zipper, Velcro, magnetic buckle, etc). 3. Product printing, single printing to three-color printing, the general price is 0. 8-1. 3 Printing area A4 size, the larger the area, the more expensive the price, the more colors, the more expensive the price. 4. Proofing fee, proofing fee one price 300- 500, this is screen printing, if thermal transfer, there must be a gradient, the template is very expensive, about 3000 yuan per price. 5. Tax included 17% increase tax point 6. The size of the freight goods, delivery is close. 7. Packing fee pp bag Price 1-Between 5 hairs, paper every 5-Between 10 dollars.
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