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Non-woven bags are also not 'environmentally friendly'

by:Sunshine     2020-03-23
The implementation of the 'plastic restriction order' has been completed for four years, and now it has achieved remarkable results in large supermarkets; However, some farmers' markets and mobile vendors have become the 'hardest hit areas' using ultra-thin bags '. More than 100 thousand ultra-thin bags were collected by the operation at 10: 00 yesterday, law enforcement officers, led by Sang Yuhuai, director of the branch office, inspected nine operators selling plastic bags. In the warehouse of the industry called Shunfa plastics, more than 10 bags of three plastic bags without Factory name, no QS, and no recycling logo were found, totaling more than 100 thousand ultra-thin plastic bags, with an estimated value of about 6000 yuan. Subsequently, law enforcement officers seized these three plastic bags on the spot. Sang Yuhuai said that the industrial and commercial department will then ask the operators of Shunfa plastics to go to the industrial and commercial office for investigation, and send the seized three non-plastic bags to the quality inspection department for inspection. If the plastic bags are confirmed to be unqualified products, in strict accordance with the Product Quality Law and relevant laws and regulations, products illegally sold will be confiscated and illegal income will be confiscated and punished. According to media reports that data released by relevant departments show that 1 billion plastic bags are used to buy vegetables every day in China, and the amount of other plastic bags is more than 2 billion per day. Studies have also shown that most plastic bags are discarded after 12 minutes of use, but their natural decomposition in the environment takes 20 to 200 years. Dong Jinshi, secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, said that it was based on the consideration of health and environmental protection that the state issued a 'plastic restriction order' hoping to reduce the use of plastic bags and thus reduce energy consumption, reduce its environmental pollution. He said that the bag is usually delicate and charming in color, many or heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium. If these bags are used to hold fruits and vegetables, they will have a great damage to the liver, kidney and blood system of human beings and may also have an impact on children's intellectual development. 'If it is processed from recycled old materials, it is easy to eat harmful ingredients into the human body and affect health. 'In terms of composition, plastic bags and non-woven bags are not' environmentally friendly ': plastic bags with polyvinyl chloride as the main component, even if buried underground, will take about 100 years to completely degrade; The non-woven shopping bag with polypropylene as the main component has the same slow degradation process in the natural environment. In the long run, it will have a great impact on the living environment of future generations. Looking forward to the need to raise the awareness of environmental protection of the whole people for four years, the 'plastic restriction order' is still in an awkward position, so how should the future 'plastic restriction' road go on? Dong Jinshi said that the management of plastic bags can minimize the use of consumers through the charging system, and subtly change the consumption habits and consumption behaviors. In addition, more efforts have been made in the product recycling system. Sang Yuhuai said that a long-term regulatory mechanism should be established. First, raise the awareness of the whole people through social propaganda so that the people can truly realize the harm of white pollution; Second, we should strengthen the self-discipline awareness of self-employed and not endanger the society driven by interests; Third, government departments at all levels should form a joint force to cut off the source of production and severely punish businesses that do not implement the 'plastic restriction order' in circulation. In short, if we want to make the 'plastic restriction order' go well and far, we need the joint efforts of the whole people and all departments. Only by 'multi-pronged approach' can the government achieve the desired results. In addition, Changchun's relevant regulatory authorities said that Changchun will focus on 'Plastic restriction' special rectification activities in the near future. (East Asia Economic and Trade News)
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