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Non-woven dining mat to create fashion low carbon life

by:Sunshine     2020-03-13
April is light and warm, and the outdoor is full of spring breath. Green leaves, flowers bloom, and fresh life makes people feel high. Quickly add a spring element to the home that has been cold for a winter! The dining mat is like a beautiful face, which gives the table an expression and makes the family change their mood. 'This is the most popular new dining mat. All the mats are made of environmentally friendly non-woven materials, exquisite and lovely. Don't look at these small mats, sometimes more intimate and real than a luxury overall home improvement. ' Shi Xiaoyan runs a non-woven mat business in the four districts of Yiwu International Trade City. Although there are only half a store, the store is full of non-woven mats, table flags and baskets of various styles, colors and sizes. The dining mat is not only used for heat insulation. For you who advocate the trend of life, it is really out to use the ordinary bamboo mat! 'You see how bright the color of these mats is. In particular, this grass-green dining mat, coupled with special laser carving patterns, makes people shine at the moment and life becomes colorful! The bright grass green, revealing the breath of nature, is fashionable and warm at home. This year's Big Red is also particularly popular. The new house decoration and the newly married couple love to buy this kind of red dining mat, which is festive. Even when not in use, it is also a scenery on the table. ' Shi boss told reporters that many young otaku women even use the mat as a mouse pad. Creative and humanized dining mats can bring multiple functions to users, that is, beautifying life and adding a lot of fun. Friends who have used non-woven bags know that the cleaning of non-woven fabrics is very simple, and non-woven dining mats are no exception. When there is general oil stain, wipe the non-woven mat with a wet cloth. In case of serious oil pollution, wipe the oil stain with detergent and then rinse it under running water. Do not rub it hard when cleaning.
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