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Non-woven fabric: 'Artificial water grass' that can improve water quality'

by:Sunshine     2020-03-12
'Goose Pool' and 'Qushui flowing' are two important attractions in Shaoxing Lanting Scenic Area. The clean pool water makes tourists admire. 'The water here is really clear, you can see the bottom at a glance! 'A tourist praised it. 'This is not the case with the original pool water. The water quality is turbid and smells bad. But since the use of these 'waterces', the pool water has become clear day by day, and the water quality has gradually improved. The administrator of the scenic spot told the reporter of China Economic News. In fact, these are not real aquatic plants, but a functional cloth developed and produced by Expo home textile group located in paojiang industrial zone in Shaoxing. This kind of cloth can not only treat sewage, but also be used in aquaculture. Not long ago, the reporter met Zhang Jianwei, a aquaculture farmer in Shangyu. Zhang Jianwei was one of the first adopters of 'artificial aquatic plants'. He used this kind of 'artificial aquatic plants' in two ponds '. What he did not think of was that after using the 'water grass', the yield per mu of water increased by more than 100 kilograms, and the shrimp was large, fresh in color and good in taste, many Shanghai shrimp vendors are willing to buy here at a higher price. A set of test data from Shaoxing County Agriculture Bureau confirmed the magic of 'artificial aquatic plants' with figures. The protein content of shrimps in the experimental pond using 'artificial aquatic plants' increased by 14. 5%, water content decreased by 6. 6%, Ash increased by 18. 9%, the per mu yield of shrimp ponds using 'artificial aquatic plants' increased by 239. 5 kilograms. According to the price per kilogram of 40 yuan, the increased income per mu is 9580 yuan. Zhang Jianwei, who tasted the sweetness, used this kind of 'artificial water grass' in other ponds this year. He is full of hope for this year's harvest. Whether it is used to treat sewage or aquaculture, 'artificial aquatic plants' have a feature--Evolutionary water body. Ding Haifeng, general manager of Zhejiang Expo Ecological Technology Co. , Ltd. , said that 'artificial aquatic plants' is a non-woven fabric made of special technology, which can effectively increase the dissolved oxygen content in water by providing a carrier for rapid reproduction of microorganisms, and improve water quality. Huang Zhen, chairman of Expo Home Textile Group, said that 'artificial water Grass' is an important product launched during the transformation and upgrading of Expo home textile group. In fact, as one of Shaoxing's earliest manufacturers of home textile products, Expo home textile has always been in a leading position in the industry. However, the financial crisis in 2008 caused the profits of enterprises to decline continuously. Huang Zhen decided to jump out of the 'Red Sea' and go swimming in the 'blue sea. This year, he invested heavily in introducing a non-woven patented technology and set up a research and development center for research. In less than a year, 'artificial aquatic plants' officially came out. 'Artificial aquatic plants' have surpassed similar companies in the United States in technology--Akeman company. Similar functional cloth produced by Akeman Company-- The market price of 'Akeman' is as high as 800 thousand/ton, while the market price of 'artificial aquatic plants' of Expo home textile is only 80 thousand/ton, which is equivalent to 1/10 of the price of the former and is very competitive in the market. Because of the price advantage, many aquaculture farmers and landscape water enterprises in Shaoxing and surrounding areas have abandoned the previous 'Akeman' and instead adopted the 'artificial water grass' of Expo home textiles '. It is understood that Expo Home Textile's 'artificial aquatic plants' have begun to play a role in sewage treatment in Taihu Lake in Jiangsu and Dianchi Lake in Yunnan. Even the fish tanks of Expo home textile company are used with 'artificial aquatic plants '. Source: China Industry News Network
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