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Non-woven fabric industry production technology exchange meeting will be held

by:Sunshine     2019-11-17
This newspaper (Reporter Zhang maijian)For further implementation of'11th Five-Year Plan' During the period, energy conservation and emission reduction targets will promote the sustainable development of the nonwoven industry. Co-sponsored by China Industrial Textile Industry Association and China Textile Engineering Society industrial textile professional committee, the 4th National Symposium on production technology and application of needle-punched nonwoven and the 4th National Symposium on production technology and application of filter materials co-organized by Fujian Xinhua Co. , Ltd. , Xiamen Yuxin microfiber materials Co. , Ltd. and Weinan Textile Co. , Ltd. , it will be held in Fujian province in December. These two technical exchange activities will focus on the current situation and development trend of filter materials and needle-punched nonwoven at home and abroad, and the development of new technologies, new products and new technologies in the two fields, the application of filter materials in metallurgy, medicine, environmental protection and needle-punched nonwoven in geotechnical, construction, automobile, synthetic leather and other related fields, as well as the standard and quality control of filter materials and needle punched nonwoven.
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