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Non-woven fabric is what material non-woven fabric price

by:Sunshine     2020-03-29
The visual effects of each fabric are different, and the characteristics are different. The non-woven fabric directly binds the fibers together by physical means, so you can't see a thread, breaking through the traditional Chinese textile principle, it is called non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric is widely used and is the most common in home fabric. There are also several specific material categories in non-woven fabric, namely polypropylene fiber (PP)Polyester (PET)And nylon (PA) Wait, let's take a look at the material and the price of non-woven fabrics. Do you know all about fabric materials? Home fabrics are made of many kinds of materials, of which pure cotton is the most popular, but fabric fabrics made of different materials have their special uses, such as pure cotton, although it is good for all aspects of the body, however, it is not suitable for making fabrics with authentic waterproof effect of tablecloths. With the progress of science and technology, non-woven fabrics are born like this. If you still don't know what non-woven fabrics are, is it out? For what is non-woven fabric, how much is its price, Xiaobian will answer you one by one! Non-woven fabric material introduction. What is a non-woven fabric? As the name implies, the fabric is made up of directional or random fibers. The non-woven fabric has no sewing thread, and it is very convenient to cut and sew. It is loved by many manual diy enthusiasts. Non-woven fabrics are a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, and their raw materials are diversified, mainly polypropylene (Pp material) For the principle, it is made of high-level processing and fusion, and the spray wire, paving, and hot pressing are all in one go, therefore, it has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, no combustion, easy decomposition, no toxicity, no irritation, rich color and low price, and also has the disadvantages of poor strength and durability. Non-woven fabric price inventory. Different fabric fabrics are made of different materials, so the price is also different. As far as non-woven fabrics are concerned, they are a synthetic material and the raw materials are easier to obtain, so the quotation will naturally not be too high, and they can be recycled, therefore, it has been loved by many businesses. The price of non-woven fabrics used in different fields is different. Wallpaper non-woven fabrics will be slightly more expensive at about 24. About 00 m², the price of non-woven fabrics used by writers is 8. 00-15. 00 yuan meters or so, once it seems that the price of non-woven products is mostly 30-100. Between 00 yuan. Non-woven-Cushion. Just now we know the overall price of non-woven textiles. Next, let's take a look at the quotations of different products with Xiaobian. First, Xiaobian introduces a cushion for everyone, this cushion is made of non-woven fabric, with a size of 90*1 m², almost, and a cost price of 15. 00 yuan or so, but the fine workmanship has raised the price of this non-woven fabric product by a grade below, and the production of lace edges is more complicated, so the price of this non-woven fabric cushion is 40. Around 00 yuan. Non-woven-Pillow. Understand the cushion, then let's take a look at the price of the non-woven fabric used to make the pillow! As shown above, this spring and summer European-style summer cool luxury fabric pillowcase is made of non-woven fabric as a cover material, plus a beautiful picture design, making it look noble and elegant, although made of high-grade quilted fabric, however, the surface printing design is easier to implement, and there is no lace cumbersome, so the quotation will not be too expensive. The general quotation for this non-woven fashion sofa pillowcase is 37. Around 00 yuan. Non-woven-Tablecloth. Next, let's learn about the price of the last non-woven fabric product. We know that the biggest feature of non-woven fabric is that the waterproof effect is particularly good, so it is most suitable for making tablecloths, the tablecloth above is made of non-woven fabric. The details are particularly good, the pattern is bumpy, it looks lifelike, and the high-profile color selection makes it look magnificent, in addition, the size is larger than the previous one, and the price will naturally be more expensive. The price of this non-woven tablecloth is 160. Around 00 yuan.
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