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Non-woven fabric wallpaper disadvantages non-woven fabric wallpaper brand

by:Sunshine     2020-04-08
Non-woven fabric wallpaper disadvantages 1, non-woven fabric wallpaper advantages non-woven fabric that is non-woven cloth also known as non woven. Directional or randomly arranged pure natural cotton and linen fibers are made by rubbing, holding or bonding or combining these methods to form thin sheets, fiber nets or pads. Non-woven fabric material has a multi-empty structure, convenient and breathable, no formaldehyde, waterproof and moisture-proof, and can effectively adjust indoor air humidity, it has the advantages of sound insulation, noise reduction, ventilation, flexibility, light weight, no combustion, easy decomposition, no toxicity, no irritation, rich color, recyclable reuse, and natural hand feeling. Its fiber silk has a strong weaving force. When the whole body tissue paper is completely burned, it only produces carbon dioxide and water, and does not produce toxic gas. It is a new type of environmentally friendly wallpaper that can be safely attached to various rooms at home. 2, non-woven wallpaper shortcomings non-woven wallpaper because it is made of pure natural plant fiber, the lack of other chemical additives means that its form color selection surface is very narrow, there are not many kinds of ordinary wall varieties, so they may not meet the aesthetic needs of all people. There is also a big gap between non-woven wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper in terms of price. Although it is not as beautiful as ordinary wallpaper, because it is made of pure natural plant extraction fiber, the whole production process is very complicated, so the cost is relatively high, and the price is more expensive than ordinary wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper brand 1, non-woven wallpaper brand ranking 1: AI she Jiangsu AI she wallpaper Co. , Ltd. is a domestic wallpaper professional manufacturer, currently, the company's product varieties have covered a wide range of categories from wallpaper to wall covering, its width, surface materials, etc. The products produced are widely used in homes, villas, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places, it is a powerful manufacturer of domestic products. The two biggest brands of Aishe wallpaper Co. , Ltd. are 'Aishe' and 'Meilun ', among them, the 'Love House' brand has been rated as 'Jiangsu Famous Trademark' by Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce for six consecutive years '. 2, non-woven wallpaper brand ranking 2: Yulan Guangdong Yulan decorative Materials Co. , Ltd. is a provincial high-tech enterprise specializing in high-tech research, development, production and marketing of wallpaper, the company mainly develops, produces and sells wallpaper, wall covering and supporting products. Now the company has 13 modern automatic wallpaper and wall covering production lines, it can produce more than three thousand varieties of printing, embossed wallpaper, more than two hundred varieties of round mesh foamed wallpaper and wall covering products, it covers four series: Engineering series, home improvement series, children's series and entertainment series, which can meet the different needs of consumers. 3. Ranking 3 of non-woven wallpaper brands: Rouran wallpaper group is a professional wallpaper integration supplier in China. Its products are positioned in the middle and high-end wallpaper market and have introduced trend elements from Europe, America and other countries, committed to the combination of high-grade, high-quality, green and environmentally friendly wallpaper products, combining the profound oriental culture and Western modern style, bringing consumers a new trend experience and a healthy lifestyle, people are invisibly influenced by art and aesthetics. 4, non-woven wallpaper brand ranking four: Ruibao Rainbow industry recognized as the concept of Chinese wallpaper home improvement advocates and industry leaders, committed to creating a stylish personalized home environment, Ruibao (Beijing)Decoration Co. , Ltd. 5, non-woven wallpaper brand ranking five: Rouran ROEN as one of the leaders of China's wallpaper soft decoration industry, China's leading professional wallpaper integration supplier, Shangmei aristocratic family (Beijing)Trade Limited. 6. Ranking 6 of non-woven wallpaper brands: TOPLI was founded in 1976, the governing unit of China wallpaper Association, the market influence brand of China wallpaper industry, Beijing TOPLI Decoration Materials Co. , Ltd.
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