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Non-woven fabrics have the potential to replace towels

by:Sunshine     2020-04-03
In the past, I liked to wipe the table, floor and window screen with the eliminated towel, but soon I found that the drawbacks of the towel were not only not cleaned, but also wasted water. Later, when I was making up, I accidentally found that the non-woven fabric used for Toner was particularly clean. So, I began to 'develop' its new use, clean the non-woven fabric every time I used it, and then wipe the table. I can also wipe the window screen and wipe the floor. It is more advantageous to wipe the floor with non-woven fabrics. It is very distressing to use the broken hair on the floor. Although the floor can be cleaned with a towel, cleaning the towel has become a problem. Once the towel is not thoroughly cleaned, it will have a moldy taste. After switching to non-woven fabrics, dust and hair can be cleaned at one time, and cleaning water can be saved. There is no musty smell on the floor. Wipe the window screen with non-woven fabrics to seize the opportunity, and wipe it when it rains. At this time, the window screen is wet, gently wipe a few times, you will find that the dust is firmly adsorbed on the surface of the non-woven fabric, then rinse the non-woven fabric with water, squeeze out the water and wipe it again to make the window screen as new. Source: China Environmental News
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