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Non-woven organizations jointly promote trade between US and EU

by:Sunshine     2019-11-17
EDANA and Linda are two global nonwoven associations that are working together on a trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the United States and the European Union (TTIP) Under the framework, it calls for the implementation of a fast track to permanently eliminate the EU's levy on US non-woven fabrics. 3% import tariff. In April this year, Linda and EDANA decided to set up a joint advisory committee on international trade and trends to promote global free and fair trade of non-woven fabrics. The agency began to play a positive role in the recent TTIP negotiations. If successful, TTIP will create the world's largest free trade area, creating more than 5 trillion US dollars in trade, investment and sales. At present, there is no tariff on EU non-woven fabrics entering the United States. The association hopes to eliminate unfair unbalanced tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers that hinder the growth of the non-woven fabric industry between the two trading partners under the opportunity of TTIP. Recently, Linda and EDANA submitted their respective trade official documents to outline the main objectives of the China-US and European nonwoven industries in these important talks. In addition to calling for the fast lane to eliminate EU non-woven coil tariffs, the two associations also urged negotiators to ensure that they actively and gradually eliminate tariffs on non-woven products on a larger scale. (China teachers' daily)
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