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Non-Woven Shopping Bag Company

by:Sunshine     2020-03-19
Non-Woven Shopping Bag Company, woven shopping bag compared with disposable shopping bag, it will not cause white pollution, and secondly it can be reused to save resources, so, in today's advocacy of an environmentally friendly lifestyle, it is particularly popular with thousands of consumers. The following small series will introduce consumers to the best knowledge of which non-woven shopping bag company chooses. Non-woven shopping bag company Xinle City Taichang non-woven products sales center is located in Xinle city, Hebei province, Xinle city is located in the hinterland of north China plain adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. The company is a professional leather bag integrating production and sales (Products)The production and printing enterprises. We always adhere to the concept of making high-quality environmental protection bags and environmental protection products, and gradually cultivate a professional design and production team, which can carry out personalized design and production according to different needs of customers. At present, the company mainly produces non-woven handbags, film-coated non-woven bags, non-woven folding bags, wallet handbags and other products. Customers are located in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, northeast China, North China and other provinces, cities and counties. The company takes impression and sensitivity as its concept, strictly controls all aspects of raw material procurement, product production, testing, sales and after-sales service, and strives to provide better products for customers. After years of unremitting efforts by all employees, they have been well received and trusted by new and old customers. In response to the trend of low price, high quality and great influence in the advertising promotion industry, new customized non-woven handbags, canvas bags and other products are introduced, and new products are updated every year. Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co. , Ltd. Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1988. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales of various packaging products. Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly and has mature technical and production management experience. The company produces various PVC bags, PVC calender films, non-woven bags, SS non-woven fabrics, printing and processing, color printing, gravure printing, steel bags, gift bags, food bags, advertising bags, document bags, bedding bags, felt bags, quilt bags, hanging bags, printed and woven (Silk trademark), Electric carving and other products. It has PVC film calendering equipment, SS non-woven fabric production line, non-woven fabric rolling composite equipment, bronzing indentation, sewing, high-frequency heat sealing, electric engraving plate making, refined screen printing, screen printing, trademark printing and silk weaving trademark equipment. In addition, with advanced equipment such as slitting machine, bag making machine, blanking machine and folding machine, a perfect assembly line is formed. Xiongxian Xiashi Packaging Co. , Ltd. not only has a strong production capacity but also has a perfect marketing network, releasing timely and accurate product information through the Internet to provide customers with faster services.
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