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Non-woven technology: corn fiber spunlaced non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-03-11
Wang Weiyuan, a native of Jinzhong city, Shanxi province, is a master of materials science from Beijing Institute of Fashion Art. In April 2010, he came to Zhejiang jinsanfa Group Co. , Ltd. , mainly responsible for new product development. Wang Weiyuan's research direction was nanomaterials when he was studying, and he presided over the company less than half a year after his master's degree in Jin sanfa. 'Corn fiber anti-stick non-woven fabric'And ICorn fiber spunlaced non-woven fabric'Research and development of two new products. 'These two kinds'Corn fiber' The product has high performance advantages, characterized by no pollution in the production process, can realize the circulation of biodegradable in nature, and is an ideal green polymer material. ' Wang Weiyuan told reporters that the current society consumes a large amount of disposable sanitary products every year. The non-woven fabrics that make disposable sanitary products are difficult to biodegradable and will bring a great burden to the environment, the incineration treatment also produces toxic gas to pollute the environment, so the biodegradable and biodegradable nature of corn fiber non-woven fabrics makes its application prospects in medical and health products very broad, in particular, ready-to-use products such as wet wipes, baby diapers, disposable masks and gloves, etc. Wang Weiyuan learned that corn fiber has become the focus of more and more researchers and related industries, and many non-woven fabric manufacturers are more and more interested in developing new products with this raw material. ' The application of corn fiber to replace traditional weaving cloth in the field of medical and health has become the general trend, but there are still few mature corn fiber non-woven products in the domestic market. ' Wang Weiyuan is keenly aware that if Jin sanfa can successfully develop a new type of corn fiber non-woven fabric, it will take the lead in the market. To this end, after a series of investigations, she formed a feasibility report and submitted it to the company's leaders after comprehensive analysis of raw material prices, product performance, and the matching of the company's existing equipment. After reading the report, Jin sanfa immediately decided to launch a research and development project for corn fiber non-woven fabrics. At present,'Corn fiber anti-stick non-woven fabric' The small test is basically successful, and it is necessary to go to the professional institutions in the province for further process optimization. After the pilot test is successful, it can be put into the market as soon as next year. 'Corn fiber spunlaced non-woven fabric'It is also about to be put into the test phase. Wang Weiyuan firmly believes that through the development of these two kinds of corn fiber non-woven fabrics, Jin sanfa's development capacity and production capacity for new technology products and high value-added products will be enhanced, and the grade and level of the company's products will be further improved, help companies take the lead in future market competition. (Changxing News Network)
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