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Non-woven wallpaper price non-woven wallpaper?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-06
Price of non-woven wallpaper: the price of non-woven wallpaper is generally 200 to 400 yuan per square meter for low-grade wallpaper and 400-for medium-grade wallpaper- 800 yuan is flat, and the better ones are around one thousand yuan. Wallpaper on the market has many colors and materials. PVC, non-woven fabrics and pure paper are the most commonly used ones. The price of non-woven fabrics is the highest, followed by PVC and pure paper. Wallpaper is divided into two layers: surface material and base material. When consumers buy wallpaper, they should pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of different materials. PVC wallpaper is covered with a layer of PVC plastic on the wallpaper base. How about non-woven wallpaper? Non-woven wallpaper is a kind of high-grade wallpaper, which is quite popular in Europe and the United States. This kind of wallpaper is mainly made of cotton and hemp and does not need textile, so it has excellent environmental protection performance. Due to the use of natural plant fiber non-spinning process, it is the main substrate of high-quality wallpaper with stronger tension, more environmental protection, no mildew and yellowing, and good air permeability. This kind of non-woven wallpaper is made of base paper and textiles with good air permeability. Non-woven wallpaper is called 'breathing wallpaper' in the industry' At present, it is the most popular new green environmental protection material in the world, harmless to human body and environment, and fully conforms to environmental protection and safety standards. The clamped non-woven fabric contains some special ingredients, which can absorb harmful chemical components in indoor air, prevent pests and diseases, and has excellent functions of mildew and deodorization. Because the non-woven products are pure in color, comfortable in vision, soft in touch, breathable in sound absorption, elegant and noble, they are the first choice for high-grade family decoration. The production process of non-woven wallpaper is made through multiple procedures, and some fibers are directed or randomly supported, and then made by machine operation. This variety has the advantages of stable size and stable expansion rate. There is no deformation of the seam at the joint, and it is suitable for large-scale paving. The other is a wallpaper that combines the surface of pure paper with the base layer of non-woven fabric. It combines the stability of non-woven fabric with the beauty of wallpaper. It is rich in color and pattern, easy to replace and can satisfy consumers.
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