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Non-woven weight calculation formula

by:Sunshine     2020-03-16
The formula for calculating the weight of non-woven fabrics is also called non-woven fabrics or non-woven fabrics, which means that fabrics that do not need to pass through textiles are subject to the textile step compared with those in the traditional sense. So do you know how to calculate the weight of non-woven fabrics? In the calculation of weight and weight of non-woven fabrics, 4 units are commonly used, one is code, English yard, referred to as Y; The second is meter, English meter, abbreviated as m, the third is gram, English gram, abbreviated as gram, the fourth is Millimeter, abbreviated as mm. First, the length, in terms of specifications, the code and the meter are calculated in length, but here is a particular, this concept is also commonly used to distinguish between experts and non-experts, because the non-woven fabrics are a roll, the height of the roll is called width, expressed in units of meters, and the common specification is generally 2. 40 m, 1. 60 m, 3. 2 m. Second, the weight and thickness of the gram, since there is length and width, is there a thickness unit? Yes, yes, the number of grams is used to calculate the thickness, grams, refers to the square gram weight, that is, g/m ^ 2 why not use millimeters? In fact, it is also useful in millimeters, but it is used less. This is an industry rule. In fact, the square gram weight can be equivalent to millimeters in thickness, because the gram weight of non-woven fabrics is 10g/㎡ ~ 320g/㎡. Three, hardness (Feel) /Gloss, at present, there are very few tests on non-woven hardness equipment in the market, generally measured by hand feel/gloss. Fourth, the tensile parameters of non-woven fabrics. V. Formula: weight = gram weight * width * length non-woven fabric has vertical and horizontal tension parameters. If it is formed by irregular wire drawing and pressing, the vertical and horizontal tension is not much different.
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