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Nonwoven changes our lives

by:Sunshine     2019-11-18
The first time I saw a non-woven fabric product was at a friend's house 10 years ago. She took out a bag from the cupboard and asked me:' You are running textiles. Do you know what materials this is made? ' Touch the soft material in your hand and tell the truth yourself :'I don't know. 'And he is ashamed of his ignorance. Twenty years ago, after China's first spunbonded non-woven fabric production line was settled in Guangdong, by 2006, China's total output of non-woven fabrics exceeded 1. 2 million tons, four times that of Japan and six times that of South Korea, become the world's second largest non-woven fabric producer. As a product of modern industrial civilization, nonwoven finally entered the homes of ordinary people. Our lives, the environment in which we live, are changing because of it. Car textiles accompany us to gallop into the family car, set foot on the bus, board the long-distance bus, your life has begun to get in touch with the car textiles, from the seat fabric to the roof inside the car, to the door support plate and then to the trunk, they are closely related to non-woven fabrics. According to the plan of the Ministry of Communications, by 2010, China will need 26. 730 thousand tons. The survey shows that the sales volume of automotive textiles in China is 15% ~ With an increase of 20%, domestic automotive textiles cannot meet the rapid growth demand of the automotive industry. The market gap is large and needs to be imported from abroad in large quantities, with an annual import amount of about 4 billion US dollars. There are hundreds of types of cars, transport vehicles, mini-cars and agricultural vehicles in our country. Since 1995, the number of automotive textiles required has increased steadily every year, however, the domestic textile for automobiles is far from meeting the increasing demand of the automobile industry. According to statistics, textiles have more than 40 uses in the automobile manufacturing industry, mainly used in floor mats, interior trim panels, roof substrates, gasoline filters, carpets, seats, etc. In 2006, the national non-woven fabric for automobiles will need about 62. 5 million square meters, while the domestic production capacity is only about 50%; The amount of carpet used for automobiles is 12 million square meters, and the domestic production capacity is only about 10%; The demand for textiles for car seats is about 1. 3 million square meters, and the domestic production capacity is only about 30%; The total output of curtain fabrics for automobiles is over 140 thousand tons, while the total output of curtain fabrics in China is only about 80 thousand tons. There are also car covers used in open parking lots, which are in short supply every year and bring huge development space to non-woven fabric enterprises. Our life changed 2003 years because of it. 'SARS' Let us know that masks made of non-woven fabrics are more antibacterial than gauze masks. From wound care gauze, masks, surgical isolation suits, surgical suits, bandages, due to their barrier performance, antibacterial, softness and comfort requirements, non-woven products have more use. In addition, in the field of medical textiles, because of its huge technological content and considerable profits, more people have begun to develop more deeply. It is understood that the development of medical textiles in various countries around the world is accelerating, and 17 textile research institutions in Germany have invested in the research and development of medical textiles, china has also begun the necessary preparation and investment in this field. All along, the requirements of sanitary products for materials are soft, smooth, non-irritating to the skin, and breathable. While people are constantly pursuing comfort, the scientific and technological content of sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, training pants, etc. is constantly improving. The specially treated spunbond non-woven fabric not only has fast penetration speed, good ventilation and softness, but also can prevent wrinkles and distortion and bring the most effective comfort to consumers. Taking baby diapers as an example, non-woven fabrics are basically used in the surface, side, guide, absorption layer and back layer. As one of the greatest inventions of, nonwoven is not only changing our lives, but also changing our concepts. Our life is wonderful because of it. Because Spunbonded Nonwoven has high tensile strength, high tear resistance, good uniformity, good softness and rich color, it has occupied an increasingly important position in the field of home and packaging applications. In all kinds of brand stores, people see not only many well-known brand clothes, but also all kinds of matching clothes; People not only see it in the store, but also in large shopping malls, clothing wholesale markets, it has become a frequent visitor. Even in the process of boarding the plane, a briefcase on the right shoulder and a man carrying a suit on his left hand are no longer normal. There is also a CD sleeve, which is lined with a textile cloth to prevent the disc from scratching. In addition, the textile cloth has the advantages of being wide and lint-free, and has long been the darling of the music industry. Those who wish to do so will notice that in front of the home areas of major supermarkets, sundries bags, bedding bags, kitchen aprons, cloth wiping and other applications made of woven fabrics are all available. There are also disposable underwear for business trips or special care. The hotel's disposable slippers, leather shoes, various garbage filter bags, fashion bags, shopping bags, etc. are all related to spunbonded non-woven fabrics. There are no fewer than 10 non-woven storage bags in the reporter's home. Participate in various exhibitions, and there is also a folded Nonwoven Bag in the interview bag, which is light and strong. The nonwoven industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. With the continuous improvement of the domestic equipment level of non-woven fabrics in China, the technical content of non-woven fabrics in China is maturing and the application field is expanding. As the basic material of new fiber products, spunbonded non-woven fabrics are greatly enriched and changed our lives due to their low cost, convenient processing and wide application, and destined to make our life more exciting.
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