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Pingyang Shengxing non-woven fabric shines 18th Wenzhou shoe material and Shoe Machine exhibition

by:Sunshine     2020-04-21
It is understood that in just the end of the 18th session of the Wenzhou International shoes Shoe Machine exhibition in Pingyang Shengxing non-woven fabric as an Wenzhou exhibition of and old customers this year again the exhibition site. During the exhibition, Shengxing non-woven fabric won the attention of a large number of visitors at home and abroad for its well-known brand awareness, product quality and perfect service system. Pingyang Shengxing non-woven fabric the exhibition site is mainly based on flannel and high-grade needle-punched non-woven fabric. On the first day of the exhibition, the company's exquisite booth and enthusiastic service attitude attracted countless buyers to come to consult. According to Mr. Chen Wei, general manager of Shengxing non-woven fabric, compared with previous years, this exhibition has different levels of improvement in scale, flow of people and specialty. Shengxing non-woven fabric is in the exhibition, the amount of consultation and product production technology have changed compared with the past, and we also look forward to a bigger breakthrough at Wenzhou exhibition next year.
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