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Polyester Fiber non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2019-12-16
The exact name of polyester fiber non-woven fabric should be 'non-woven fabric' or 'non-woven fabric '. Because it is a fabric that does not need spinning and weaving, it only directional or randomly propped textile staple fibers or filaments to form a fiber mesh structure, then it is reinforced by mechanical, thermal or chemical methods. Non-woven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle and has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide use and many sources of raw materials. Polyester non-woven fabric: mainly used for construction, roof waterproofing as a base cloth, attached with sand, cement, etc. , to prevent sand leakage. Non-woven fabrics are often used in buildings and are a measure to prevent cracks. Attention points for the maintenance of polyester fiber non-woven fabrics: 1. Keep clean and change frequently to prevent the breeding of mites. 2. When changing seasons for storage, wash, iron and dry the plastic bags and seal them flat in the wardrobe. Pay attention to shading to prevent fading. Should always be ventilated, dust removal and moisture removal, and should not be exposed to the sun. In the wardrobe, anti-mildew and anti-mite tablets should be placed to prevent cashmere products from being damp and moldy. 3. When wearing inside, the lining of the outer coat with it should be smooth, and hard objects such as pens, key bags, mobile phones, etc. should not be installed in the pocket to avoid local friction and Pilling. Minimize friction with hard objects when wearing outside (Such as sofa backrest, armrest, desktop)And hook hanging. It's not easy to wear for too long. It is necessary to stop wearing or change wear for about 5 days to restore the elasticity of the clothes to avoid damage to fiber fatigue. 4. If there is a Pilling, do not pull it. You must use scissors to cut off the fluffy ball so as not to be repaired due to off-line.
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