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PP Spunbonded Nonwoven reusable shopping bag

by:Sunshine     2020-05-07
With the progress of society, people's living standards and people's awareness of environmental protection are constantly improving, and protecting the Earth has become an urgent task. With the increase in the amount of plastic bags, the state is now implementing a tax collection policy for disposable plastic bags to curb the use of disposable plastic bags. But we polypropylene (PP) Spunbonded non-woven shopping bags are environmentally friendly shopping bags. I hope our industry and enterprises will work together to make the country tilt in formulating policies and not include non-woven shopping bags as disposable shopping bags, there are differences between shopping bags produced by non-woven fabric enterprises and disposable shopping bags in terms of taxes and related policies. In fact, in Europe, Japan and Taiwan, there has been a craze for the use of non-woven shopping bags. Because they define non-woven shopping bags as reusable shopping bags. First of all, the raw materials of this shopping bag are environmentally friendly and can be degraded. Propylene hydrogen is a by-product produced in the refining process. The waste is recycled and recombined to become the raw material polypropylene of the non-woven fabric. It is already an environmentally friendly and recyclable process. Polypropylene is made up of carbon and hydrogen. Its molecular structure will not cause any damage to nature. Shopping bags made of this material will not cause environmental damage even if they burn. Secondly, it consumes much less energy than other shopping bags. In the process of producing non-woven fabrics, waste gas and waste water that pollute the environment will not be produced, so the production process is completely environmentally friendly. The process of producing non-woven shopping bags is also an environmentally friendly production process. The non-woven fabric production process is short, energy is saved, and the energy consumed is only power supply, which is a low-loss process, thereby reducing energy loss. In contrast, cloth, paper and plastic bags will produce pollutants such as waste gas and waste water in the production process. Compared with the production of paper, since the raw materials of paper come from trees, cutting trees is damaging the environment. Moreover, the transportation process of trees is a waste of energy, and the energy needed to produce a paper bag is two to three times more than that of producing a non-woven shopping bag. Compared with plastic bags, although the production process is similar, if it is the same thickness, it consumes much more materials and energy than non-woven fabrics. Thirdly, non-woven shopping bags are generous in workmanship and easy to carry. When not in use, they can be folded into a small wallet-like bag and can be washed and recycled many times. Non-woven shopping bags are like leather bags. They have a large bearing capacity and are not easy to tear. They are deeply loved by housewives and become a fashionable product.
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