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Precautions for the use of coated non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2020-01-31
The non-woven fabric itself is a non-woven material and is not easily damaged, but the plastic film attached to the surface is different. Coated non-woven fabric is an extension product of non-woven fabric. It is mainly coated on the basis of the original non-woven fabric to make it more insulated. The following are the precautions for the use of coated non-woven fabric: 1, to follow the factory manual or manual, the quality of each manufacturer's coated non-woven fabric may be different, the service life may be different, the use method is also different. 2. Daily maintenance is essential. Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of the product. 3, coated non-woven fabric is not equal to the greenhouse insulation quilt, they are two different products, from the insulation performance and thickness are very different, do not go into the misunderstanding to bring you economic losses. In the past, we used more insulation quilts in greenhouse planting, and some of them are similar to those in places where our weather is colder. The insulation effect may not reach the ideal level, the coated non-woven fabric can better integrate the plastic film and the non-woven fabric, and the heat preservation and service life are longer.
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