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( Present stability into the development trend of China's textile is committed to toward high-end]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-19
, director-general of the department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of consumer goods industry yan-min gao 11 at the 2018 annual meeting of China's textile innovation ', China's textile industry presents a stability into the development of the situation, for the industrial economic fundamentals for a long time, continue to promote innovation transformation become stable expectations, YaCangShi boost confidence and power. China textile will deepen the strategy of 'doctrine', to promote industry towards the high-end. According to introduction, China's textile industry after 40 years of reform and opening up the whole, the omni-directional, the development of pioneering, at the same time also to a more complex situation and challenges of new history for the more difficult. Textile industry as China's opening degree, the degree of internationalization, marketization degree, one of the highest industrial sector needs a clear change, situation, conform to the requirements of The Times, in the international competition of global economic integration, to further speed up the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, constantly improve the value of the industry innovation ability, to promote the industry from large to strong change. Yan-min gao pointed out that in the face of change in the environment, the textile industry to implement increasing variety, quality, creates the brand 'the doctrine of' strategy, in order to supply side structural reform as the main line, improve the quality of the supply system as the main direction, increase the intensity of industrial structure optimization, strive to repair short, strong or weak, create new advantages, promote the textile industry towards the high-end. Driven by strengthening innovation, and actively convert momentum, speed up the construction of all kinds of innovation to demonstrate the application platform and the innovation system of textile industry. Adhere to the open mind, make good use of international and domestic two markets innovation resources, attaches great importance to the introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation, and attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. China textile industry association will ChangSunRuiZhe keynote report the new pattern: the changing trends and outlook. He points out that under the new situation, China's textile industry to accelerate the development orbit into high quality become the backbone of keep the economy running smoothly, its internal structure, operation mode happened deep logic and value adjustment. He stressed that to adapt to change, take the quality as the core to deepen the industrial innovation, open oriented to strengthen international cooperation, etc. Sponsored by the China textile industry association '2018 annual meeting of China's textile innovation', also held a 'China textile fabrics fashion trend research and publishing alliance enterprise' opening ceremony, '2018 China's textile industry industrial design center', the opening ceremony and the 'cultivation and promotion of 2018 ten categories of textile products', '2018 China textile industry association product development contribution award' award ceremony.
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