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Rag storm sweeping the world to make money can not be missed

by:Sunshine     2020-04-18
Baby diapers used to occupy the largest share of the nonwoven market in North America, and this situation has now changed. According to the American non-woven materials Association (INDA) According to the report released, the non-woven household cleaning cloth has now been replaced and has become the top spot in the non-woven material market. Statistics show that sales of non-woven home cleaning wipes reached 1. 3 billion US dollars last year, accounting for nearly half of the North American wipes market. IanButler, director of research and statistics at INDA, said the rising momentum of sales of non-woven home wipes was due to the introduction of new floor cleaning wipes, antibacterial wipes, polished wipes and various new products, non-woven home wipes were therefore pushed to the top position in the market. According to Linda's analysis of the home cleaning cloth market, Swiffer, Clorox and PledgeGrab floor cleaning cloth account for 50% of the cloth market share, and the strong development of disinfection hard surface cloth is also a major attraction, the market sales of this kind of cloth are expected to exceed 0. 5 billion US dollars by 2010. When the North American market received attention, the storm of non-woven home cleaning wipes also swept the world. Statistics provided by Euromonitor in Europe show that sales of dry electrostatic wipes in Western Europe soared from US $93. 5 million in 1999 to 3. In 2004. US $5. 7 billion, while sales in the Asia Pacific region increased from 1. US $0. 6 billion rose to US $0. 2 billion, during which sales of impregnated wet wipes in Western Europe jumped from US $38. 6 million to US $. US $31. 5 billion, while sales in the Asia-Pacific region are from 1. US $2. 9 billion to 1. US $8. 6 billion. Mr. Butler believes that manufacturers are focusing on the development of new products and improving packaging to make products more portable and applicable. According to Linda's estimation, the consumption of various non-woven wipes in North America reached in 2005. With 190 thousand tons, spunlaced and pulp air-forming net wipes accounted for almost 3/4 of them, and continued to grow, especially spunlaced wipes. In view of this active market demand, European JacobHolm industrial company, Israeli spintech company and Albaad industrial company have set up Spurs production lines in North Carolina, USA, multinational company Ahlstrom has also taken corresponding measures to cope with the growth of the cloth cleaning market. (Xida)
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