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( Take you know elastic non-woven new applications in the field of mild incontinence supplies]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-13
Elastic nonwoven is a kind of brand-new non-woven products, broke the elastic thin film material is airtight, tight, small scale. Below, lai chi small make up take you know elastic non-woven new applications in the field of mild incontinence supplies. The aging society and the economic development, gradually improve the elderly social participation degree and the convenience of life care and dignity, also travel pants is a personal care products faster-growing segments. Middle-aged and old face aging physiological function, from the drops of urine to usually have 2 - mild incontinence 5 years and adaptation. During the consumers how to keep the social normal and avoid the embarrassment of travel, personalized products, can continue to keep the active way of life. The emergence of the elastic nonwoven cloth diapers good help old people to solve the current predicament. All elastic non-woven/film and non-woven composite online form elastic ring waist, transverse elastic nonwoven online cutting edge forming, make old man when wearing more comfortable. Mild incontinence, looked from the future trend of the development of niche markets will be a bright spot, elastic nonwovens, ultra-small ultra-thin, is the key of the innovation, the elastic non-woven fabric will have a broad market prospect.
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