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Textile Group develops a batch of new functional fibers

by:Sunshine     2019-12-28
Rio fiber company, a subsidiary of Textile Group, cooperated with foreign institutions in 2013 to jointly develop Lyocell intelligent temperature regulating functional fibers. After one year of exploration and research and development, it has been successfully put into production. At present, the products have been successfully applied to bedding, clothing, non-woven fabrics and socks. The products are mainly sold to Japan and Europe. Intelligent temperature regulating fiber is a new type of high-tech product, which is characterized by the ability to absorb and release a large amount of heat, but at the same time it can keep the temperature constant and meet the needs of human comfort. Lyocell fiber is the third generation of recycled cellulose fiber. Leo's intelligent temperature-regulating fiber is internationally leading in technology and has become the first batch manufacturer in China. Its production process is environmentally friendly and its raw materials are renewable, the product is degradable and the functional index is 5-higher than other temperature regulating fibers-10 times, the advantage is outstanding. In addition, the textile group's defulun company's coffee carbon fiber was granted an invention patent in April this year, and a series of products with coffee carbon fiber as the main raw material were launched with cooperative enterprises, it is used to produce underwear products, shirts, T-shirts, socks, towels, bedding and sportswear. For more textile professional information, please visit www. Tnc. Com. Cn micro letter concern: Online Textile City Information Channel
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